Small Wars Journal

18 January SWJ Roundup


Plan for Thousands More Afghan Forces Draws Concerns - Washington Post

In Afghanistan, Insurgents Let Bombs Do Fighting - New York Times

Afghan Tax on Foreign Contractors Hits Resistance - New York Times

17 Afghan Civilians Killed by Roadside Bombs in 24 Hours - Los Angeles Times

Afghan Underworld Shows Challenges for Stability - Associated Press


Pakistan's Failure to Hit Militant Sanctuary Has Positive Side - New York Times

Minibus Bombing in NW Pakistan Kills 19 - Associated Press


Final Tour in Iraq: Daily Grind Combines with Goodwill Missions - Washington Post

Northern Iraqi Governor Cuts Baghdad Power - Associated Press

Club, Shops Attacked In Iraq Alcohol Clampdown - Reuters


Iran Drops Woman's Stoning Sentence - New York Times


Pirates Capture 1,181 Hostages at Sea in 2010 - Associated Press


Swiss Banker Spills Secrets to WikiLeaks - Voice of America

Wikileaks Given Data on Swiss Bank Accounts - BBC News

Ex-Swiss Banker Gives Data to WikiLeaks - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Defense Cuts will Shift Money to Repair of Existing Equipment - Washington Post

United States

Despite Vow, Gitmo Still Open - Washington Times

Ghailani's Lawyers Detail Terror Defense Strategy - New York Times

SC Can Curb Abuse of 'State Secrets' Privilege - Washington Post editorial


U.N. Agency Warns of Shortfall in Fight on Hunger - Associated Press


Tunisia Announces New Unity Government - Voice of America

Tunisia Forms National Unity Government Amid Unrest - BBC News

Tunisia Unrest Stirs Passions Across N. African - New York Times

Tunisian Interim PM Unveils National Coalition Government - Washington Post

Tunisia Unveils New Government as Calm Returns - Los Angeles Times

PM Names Unity Government to Quell Tunisia Unrest - Reuters

Tunisia Unity Govt May Not Satisfy Protesters - Associated Press

Gov't: More than 78 Deaths in Tunisian Unrest - Associated Press

Tunisia Copycat Burnings in 3 North African Countries - Reuters

South Sudan Officials Prepare for Referendum Result - Voice of America

Observers Approve South Sudan Independence Vote - Reuters

African Union Mediator Returns to Ivory Coast - Voice of America

Cut Off, Ivory Coast Chief Is Scraping for Cash - New York Times

U.N. Peacekeepers in Ivory Coast Fire Warning Shots - Associated Press

Voter Registration Row Kills Three In Central Nigeria - Reuters

Niger's Deposed President Moved to Prison - Associated Press

Mortars Kill 4 Near Parliament in Somali Capital - Associated Press


8 Slain in Drug Shootout Near Mexico City - Associated Press

Paraguay: Guerrilla Backpack Bomb Injures 5 - Associated Press

Ecuador Moves to Clean Up Courts, Opposition Balks - Reuters

Duvalier Meets With Advisers as Haiti Holds Its Breath - New York Times

Fear and Calls for Justice Follow Return of 'Baby Doc' - Los Angeles Times

Rights Groups Urge Haiti to Bring Duvalier to Justice - Voice of America

Haiti Urged to Arrest Visiting 'Baby Doc' Duvalier - BBC News

Haiti Rumors Fly as Ex-Dictator Stays Mum in Hotel - Associated Press

Send 'Baby Doc' Packing - Los Angeles Times editorial

Asia Pacific

China, U.S. Eager to Put a Happy Face on Relations - Los Angeles Times

U.S. to Take Bolder Tack for Chinese Leader's Visit - New York Times

G.E. Venture Will Share Jet Technology With China - New York Times

U.S., China Clash on Energy, Environment - Associated Press

Survey: Most Chinese See Ties with U.S. Worsening - Associated Press

U.S. Finds its Voice on China and Human Rights - Washington Post editorial

America's Paranoid China Syndrome - Los Angeles Times opinion

Taiwan's Unusually Public Missile Test Fizzles - Associated Press

In Vietnam, Politics Lag While Growth Jumps - New York Times

Vietnam's Communist Party Selects New Leaders - Associated Press


Swiss Lawmakers Angry at Alleged U.S. Spying Program - Associated Press

Cold War Issues Still Part of U.S.-Russia Discussions - Washington Post

Russian Opposition Leader Urges Western Sanctions - Associated Press

Russia's Medvedev Calls For Crackdown on Neo-Nazis - Reuters

Ukraine Probe of Former PM Raises Concern in West - Associated Press

Greece Bombs: Nine Suspected Anarchists in Athens Trial - BBC News

Middle East

Lebanon Delays Talks on New Government - New York Times

U.N. Lebanon Indictment Lodged; Results Sealed - Voice of America

U.N. Prosecutor Files Sealed Indictment in Hariri Tribunal - Washington Post

Hariri Tribunal: U.N. Prosecutor Issues Sealed Indictment - BBC News

First Indictment Filed in Lebanon's Hariri Killing - Associated Press

U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Summoned Amid Tension - Associated Press

Israeli Defense Minister Barak Quits Political Party - Voice of America

Israel's Labor Party Splits; Ehud Barak Forms New Faction - Los Angeles Times

Barak's Break With Party Shakes Up Israeli Politics - New York Times

Israel's Trade Minister Resigns as Labor Splits - Reuters

Netanyahu Says Labour Breakup Strengthens Government - Reuters

Settler Leader: West Bank Annexation 'Not an Option' - Washington Times

Israel Set to Build More Homes on Annexed Land - Reuters

Senior U.N. Relief Official John Ging Leaves Gaza Post - BBC News

Man Sets Himself on Fire Near Egyptian Parliament - Voice of America

South Asia

India to Tear Down Flats at Centre of Graft Scandal - BBC News

Sri Lanka Flood Victims Vent Fury - BBC News

Bangladesh Restricts Acid Sales to Prevent New Attacks - BBC News