Small Wars Journal

17 October SWJ Roundup


U.S. Military, Civilian Officials Claim Progress in Afghan War - Washington Post

Critical Assault by Allies Begins Near Kandahar - New York Times

In Afghan South, U.S. Faces Frustrated Residents - New York Times

Attacks Hit Kandahar, Killing 2 Afghan Civilians - Associated Press

Blasts Hit Southern Afghan City, At Least One Dead - Reuters

Gates Weighs Afghanistan and Leaks - New York Times

In Afghanistan, the Exit Plan Starts With 'If' - New York Times

On the Front Lines of Saving Lives - Washington Post

NATO Service Member Killed in Southern Afghanistan - Associated Press

Tea in Kabul - New York Times opinion

Miss the Middle Ages? Try Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times opinion


Government Critics Cite Pakistani Cabinet's Bulk - Washington Post

Voting Starts In Pakistan's Karachi After Violence - Reuters

Pakistan Flood Victims Going Into Debt to Rebuild - Associated Press


Sunnis in Iraq Allied With U.S. Quitting to Rejoin Rebels - New York Times

Iraq PM to Visit Iran - Voice of America

Iraqi PM Seeks Neighbors' Support to Stay in Power - Associated Press

Seven Iraqis Arrested In September Army Base Attack - Reuters

Rush-Hour Baghdad Bombings Kill 1, Wound 5 People - Associated Press


Ahmadinejad Endorses New Nuclear Talks With West - Associated Press

Iranian Official Calls for Trial of U.S. Hikers - New York Times

Iranian American Released from Prison in Iran - Los Angeles Times

American Freed in Iran Says He Is Innocent - Associated Press

Iran Orders Hand Amputation of Confessed Thief - Associated Press

Borderline Threat - Washington Post editorial

United States

Foreign Policy: Big Ideas, Little Action - Washington Post opinion

United Kingdom

Hard-Hit British Heartland Braces for Cuts - Associated Press


African Nations Vow LRA Crackdown - BBC News

Sudan Rebukes U.N. Over Border Buffer Zone Plan - Reuters

Somalia Surprise: Working Gov't, No Gunfire - Associated Press

Somalia: Charity Calls for Hostage Release - BBC News

S. Korea: Somali Pirates Abduct 43 Sailors Off Kenya - Associated Press

Niger Sources: Two Officers in Military Government Arrested - VOA

Zambia Probes China Mine Shooting - BBC News

Mugabe: 2011 Zimbabwe Elections to End Coalition - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

Mexico: Where Cartels Rule, Police Tread Warily - Los Angeles Times

Six Killed In Gun Attack In Mexican Border City - Reuters

Wife Gives 2nd Statement on Mexico Border Lake Shooting - Associated Press

In Mexico, Scenes From Life in a Drug War - New York Times opinion series

From Risky Jobs to Jobs at Risk in Chile - Washington Post

Asia Pacific

21 Are Killed in Explosion at China Mine - New York Times

Chinese, Japanese Stage Protests Over East China Sea Islands - VOA

Thousands in China, Japan Rally Over Island Claims - Associated Press

Going Long Liberty in China - New York Times opinion

Once Dynamic, Decline Leaves Japan Disheartened - New York Times

Lawmakers Sow Disillusion in Indonesia - New York Times

N. Korea Threatens '1,000-Fold' Increase in Weapons - Associated Press

U.N. Chief Says He's Frustrated Over Burma - Voice of America


French Protesters Rally Over Pension Reform - Voice of America

France Hit by New Mass Protests - BBC News

Fuel Shortages as French Strike Again - Associated Press

Germany: Merkel: 'Multiculture has Failed' - BBC News

Germany: Merkel Says German Multiculturalism Has Failed - Reuters

Jailed Basque Separatist Urges Permanent Truce - Reuters

Dutch Terrorism Suspect Renounces Radicalism - Associated Press

Junior Partner Quits Kosovo Coalition, Vote Looms - Reuters

Middle East

Israel: New Date Sought For Paris Peace Summit - Reuters

Palestinians Weighing Alternatives to Peace Talks - Associated Press

Turkish PM: Israel Must Apologize for Raid on Flotilla - Voice of America

Israeli PM: Talks Resume on Swap for Held Soldier - Associated Press

Israeli Air Strike Kills 2 Militants In Gaza Strip - Reuters

Palestinians Say 1 Dead in Israeli Strike in Gaza - Associated Press

U.S. Terror War in Yemen Frustrated by Politics - Associated Press

South Asia

Report: FBI Warned Ahead of Mumbai Attacks - Voice of America

U.S. Had Warnings on Plotter of Mumbai Attack - New York Times

Scout in Mumbai Attacks was DEA Informant - Washington Post