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17 June SWJ Roundup

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Afghans Prepare to Take over Security - WP

US Transition to Afghans Underway in Former Taliban Stronghold - S&S

US Risks Wasting Billions More in Afghanistan Aid - LAT

Afghan Cash Crunch Looms - Reuters

Russia Eyes Bigger Role in Afghanistan, Wants to Rebuild - Reuters

Britain: Link Afghan Troop Cuts to Conditions - AP

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS

Lucky Charms and Bullet Holes in Afghan Helicopter - AP


Gates Stresses the Importance of Ties With Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan Military Chief Under Pressure Following US Raid - VOA

End of the Love Affair with Pakistan - WP opinion


Syrian Forces Widen Assault in Northwest - VOA

Syria Crisis: Troops Move into Towns in North - BBC

Syrian Troops Take Over Northwestern Town - AP

Syrians Grabbing Males at Random - WP

For Syrian Refugees, Shelter of a Precarious Sort - NYT

Reviled Tycoon, Assad's Cousin, Resigns - NYT

Turkey Breaks with Syria over Crackdown - LAT


Libyan Rebels Trumpet Coordination in Attacks - NYT

NATO Targets Tripoli With Daytime Raid - AP

Rebels Eye Tripoli Push as Gaddafi Son Offers Election - Reuters

Libyan Leaders Remain Defiant as Russians Seek Deal - WP

No Breakthrough in Russian Envoy's Trip to Libya - LAT

Lawmakers Mock Obama Claim on Libya Hostilities - AP

Report: US Aid is Critical to the Mission in Libya - AFPS

On a Shoestring, Libya's Misrata Seeks Normality - Reuters

UN Rights Body Extends Mandate of Libya Panel - AP

Libya Campaign Reveals the Doves, on the Left and Right - NYT

Libya and the War Powers Act - NYT editorial


Clans and Tribes Forge New Yemen Unity - NYT


In Baghdad, Control Remains Elusive - WP

4 Former Iraq Ambassadors Push for Embassy Funds - AP

Foreign Laborers Earn Little Payoff in Iraq - AP

Middle East / North Africa

Israel Warns of Using Force if New Flotilla Heads to Gaza - NYT

Israel Warns it will Stop Gaza Flotilla - WP

Gaza Flotilla to Proceed Without Turkish Boat - AP

In Bahrain, a Symbol at the Heart of Revolt - Reuters

Bahrain Cleric Raises Fresh Doubts About Talks - AP

Saudi Women Begin Challenge to Driving Ban - AP

Imprisoned Iran Medics Win Prize - BBC

Egyptian Revolution's Unsung Heroes Languish in Hospitals - LAT

Egypt: Spanish Police Arrest a Mubarak Associate - NYT

Al Qaeda

Bin Laden's No. 2 is Al Qaeda's New Chief - LAT

Qaeda Selection of Its Chief Is Said to Reflect Its Flaws - NYT

Pentagon: US Will Capture and Kill New Al-Qaida Leader - VOA

US Pledges to Hunt Down Zawahiri - BBC

Zawahiri Faces Hurdles as bin Laden Successor - WP

Possible Al-Qaida Hit List Targets Specific Americans - NBC

British Targets Found Near Body of al-Qaida Leader - WP

US Department of Defense

Gates: Anti-war Resurgence Understandable - S&S

Greenert Tapped to be Next CNO - S&S

Gates Recommends New Leader for the Navy - WP

Pentagon Dreams of Star Trek Interstellar Travel - AP

Lynn Outlines New Cybersecurity Effort - AFPS

Deputy Secretary Lynn Details Anti-Cyber Threat Strategy - AFPS

Services Split over Push for Unified Medical Command - S&S

United States

Attorney General, Senator Clash on Where to Try Terror Suspects - NYT

Are Muslim Americans Radicalized in US Prisons? - WP

NSA Allies with Internet Carriers to Thwart Cyber Attacks - WP

Does Foreign Policy Matter? - NYT opinion


Islamist Group Claims Responsibility for Nigeria Bombing - VOA

Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists 'Bombed Abuja Police HQ' - BBC

Obama Expresses Concern on Sudan - WP

Sudan Blames Bombardment on Southern Aggression - VOA

Mbeki Predicts Cease-fire in Southern Sudan 'Within Days' - VOA

China Invites Sudan Leader Accused of War Crimes - AP

Liberia Discovers Arms Cache Near Ivory Coast Border - BBC

S. African Youth Leader Calls for Nationalization, Land Seizures - LAT

Uganda ex-VP Charged with CHOGM Fraud - BBC

Somali Pirates Free German Ship After Ransom Paid - Reuters


Gang Warfare Kills 33 in Monterrey, Mexico - BBC

Argentine Leader Says UK 'Arrogant' over Falklands - BBC

Cuba, Others Cause Trouble in UN Re-election - Reuters

Asia Pacific

Hu: Chinese-Russian Border Disputes Resolved 'Once and for All' - VOA

China Sends Patrol Ship into Disputed South China Sea - BBC

China to Boost Coastal Forces Amid Sea Tensions - Reuters

Philippines to China: Don't Intrude Into Our Water - AP

Letter Alleges Beating of Chinese Activist and Wife - NYT

Taiwan Develops Advanced Missiles - VOA

USFK Moving Forward with Realignment Plans - S&S

S. Korea Rejects North's Demands for Return of Defectors - BBC

Indonesian Cleric Sentenced to 15 Years in Terror Trial - VOA

Indonesia Sentences a Radical Cleric to 15 Years - NYT

Indonesia Jails Cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir for 15 Years - BBC

Exiled Thaksin Seeks December Return to Thailand - Reuters

Cambodia: Conflicts Imperil Future Khmer Rouge Trials - NYT


Markets Fear Turmoil as Europe Winces at Austerity - NYT

Greece Shuffles Cabinet as Cuts Loom - WP

Greek Financial Crisis Spurs Political Discord - LAT

Greek PM Sacrifices Finance Chief, Appoints Rival - Reuters

Medvedev Warns Against Stagnation in Russia - Reuters

A Victory for Democracy in Turkey - WP editorial

South Asia

India's Economy Skids as Leaders Sleep at the Wheel - Reuters

Indian Activist 'to Resume Fast' - BBC

Lawmakers Say Sri Lankan Soldiers Attack Tamil Political Meeting - VOA

Sri Lanka: Fears for Tamils Deported from UK - BBC