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17 January SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Anti-Taliban Afghan Tribal Leader Killed in Mosque - AP

Afghan Calligrapher Creates World's Largest Koran - Reuters

Bureaucracy Killing US Troops in Afghanistan - WT opinion



As US-Pakistan Relations Sink, Nations Try to Figure ‘New Normal’ - WP

Pakistan PM Faces Contempt Charges - VOA

Pakistan PM Faces Contempt Charge - BBC

Pakistan High Court Launches Contempt Case Against PM - LAT

Court Faults Pakistani PM for Contempt - WP

Pakistan Court Orders Prime Minister to Testify - NYT

Pakistan Minister Wants Evidence of Taliban Leader’s Death - VOA



Iran Face-Off Complicates Obama’s Bid for Re-election - NYT

Tensions Rise Between Iran, Arab States Over Possible Oil Embargo - LAT

US Presses South Korea to Reduce Oil Imports from Iran - NYT

Israel: Nuclear Iran Could Deter Military Action - AP

Israel: Nuclear Iran May Curb Israeli Border Wars - Reuters

Negotiate a Way Out of Iran Nuke Dilemma - FT opinion

An Oil Embargo Won't Stop Iran - FT opinion

Economic Regime Change Can Stop Iran - Bloomberg opinion

What if Iranians Start Killing Scientists? - Haaretz opinion

Turkey, Brazil Can Solve Iran - EV opinion



Syrian Rebel Chief Asks World to Stop Bloodshed - Reuters

Rights Activists Say Pro-Government Militiamen Killed 5 in Syria - VOA

Twelve More Killed in Syria Despite Arab Monitors - Reuters



Car Bombs Kill At Least 12 in Iraq - VOA

Iraq Bomb Kills Eight Near Mosul - BBC

Iraq Detains Foreign Contractors - WP



Islamist to Lead Next Egypt Parliament - WP

Struggling, Egypt Seeks Loan From IMF - NYT

Mubarak's Defense Lawyer Praises Egypt's Ex-Leader - AP

Second Retrial for Egypt Tycoon - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Jordan’s King Sees Glimmer of Hope in Mideast Talks - WP

Jordan’s King Abdullah II - WP interview

Israelis Increase Trust in Obama - WT

2 Israeli Web Sites Crippled as Cyberwar Escalates - NYT

New Attacks on Israeli Websites - BBC

Israel's Lieberman Looking to Avoid Fraud Charges - Reuters

Yemen: In Restive City, Local Strongman Rules - WP

Official Says Yemen Unrest Could Delay Elections - AP

Al Qaeda Kidnaps Algerian Governor Hostage - Reuters

Terror Group Video Shows Seized Mauritania Soldier - AP

Don’t Do It, Bibi - NYT opinion

France, Turkey Compete in Mideast - BP opinion


United States

New Space Arms Control Initiative Draws Concern - WT

Denver, Baltimore to Test New Deportation Approach - AP

Idea to Take the 'D' Out of PTSD Being Studied - S&S

Obama’s Shrinking Navy - WT editorial



Nigerian Fuel Strike is Suspended - BBC

Amid Strikes, Nigeria Rolls Back Gas Price - NYT

Chad Expels UK Darfur Aid Envoy - BBC

Kenyan Presidential Hopefuls Walk ICC Tightrope - Reuters

Rights Group Sees Problems in Uganda's First LRA Trial - VOA

Rights Group: Ethiopia Forcibly Resettled 70,000 - AP

Liberian President Takes Oath For Second Term - VOA

Liberia’s President Stresses Reconciliation in Inaugural Speech - NYT



Young US Citizens in Mexico Brave Risks for American Schools - NYT

Mexican Leftist Plans Change on 'Monopolies', Mining - Reuters


Asia Pacific

In DC, China Builds Media Ambitions - WP

US Senators See No Clash With China in Asia - AP

China: Protester Is Made a Boss by the Party He Defied - NYT

Beijing Rejects US Envoy's Human Rights Critique - AP

Chinese Dissident to Stand Trial for Poem - Reuters

More Chinese Living in Cities Than Countryside - AP

Taiwan President's Reelection Signals Easing Tensions with Beijing - VOA

Taiwan Vote Stirs Chinese Hopes for Democracy - NYT

N. Korea: Official Dismisses Concerns About Kim Jong Un - AP

In Twisting Terror Case, Thai Police Seize Chemicals - NYT

Police: Explosives Were to Be Sent Out of Thailand - AP

Thai Police Seek Court Order to Hold Hezbollah Suspect - Reuters

Vietnam PM Orders Probe Into Violent Land Eviction - AP

‘Suu Kyi Cult’ Grows More Visible in Burma - WP

Obama Drags Mideast Baggage to Asia - AT opinion


Central Asia

Kazakh Leader Hails Unity, OSCE Criticizes Parliament Vote - VOA

Western Monitors Criticize Election in Kazakhstan - NYT



S&P Downgrades EU's Bailout Fund - BBC

Russia: Meeting Fails to Bridge Opposition and Kremlin - NYT

European Court: Cleric Can't Be Deported From UK -

Extreme Islamism Still Biggest Threat in Norway - AP

French Judge Wants to Investigate at Guantanamo - AP

German Schulz Is Elected EU Parliament Chief - AP

Spanish Judge Who Charged Pinochet Stands Trial - AP

Hope Fades of Finding More Survivors on Cruise Ship Off Italy - LAT

Italian Cruise Ship Captain 'Off Course' - BBC

Italian Cruise Ship Owners Blame Human Error - NYT


South Asia

Maldives Military Arrests Top Judge, Spark Protest - AP




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