Small Wars Journal

16 October SWJ Roundup


Peace Talks Focusing On Site, Safe Passage - Washington Post

Petraeus: Taliban Allowed Into Kabul - Voice of America

NATO's 'Safe Passage' for Taliban - BBC News

Petraeus: NATO Has Facilitated Taliban Movement - Associated Press

Petraeus: NATO Helped Bring Taliban Official to Kabul - Reuters

Gates: Limited Damage from Leak of Afghan War Logs - Associated Press

For Midterm Voters, War Is Off the Radar - New York Times

What the Numbers Say About Progress in Afghanistan - CNN News

G.I.'s Accused in Deaths Were Isolated From Officers - New York Times

U.S. Soldier to Face Court-Martial In Afghan Slayings - Reuters

U.S. Army Trial for Afghan Killings - BBC News

Petraeus: Video Shows Grenade Use in Failed Rescue - Associated Press

Marines Deploy 'Green' Forward Operating Base to Afghanistan - AFPS

Zabul Province Blast Kills Several Afghan Villagers - AFPS

New Claims of Secret Afghan Jail - BBC News

Miss the Middle Ages? Try Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times opinion


U.S. Drone Attack Kills a Top Pakistan Taliban Leader - Washington Times

Conflict Brews Between President, Supreme Court - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan Says Willing to Assist Afghan Talks - Reuters

Militants in Pakistan Kill 2 in Attack on NATO Supply Truck - Voice of America

Officials: US Missile Attacks Kill 9 in Pakistan - Associated Press


Iraq's Kurds Set to be Kingmakers - Washington Post

Face of Defense: Officer Uses Teaching Skills in Iraq - AFPS


Thousands Cheer Ahmadinejad in South Lebanon - Voice of America

In Iran, Future of University Is in Flux - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Soldiers Identify Hasan as Ft. Hood Shooter - McClatchy-Tribune

At Hearing on Fort Hood Attack, Few Clues - New York Times

Fort Hood: Hasan Shows No Emotion - Washington Post

Immersive Training Builds Small-Unit Decision-Making Skills - AFPS

Agency Director Offers U.S. Missile Defense Outline - AFPS

United States

Probe Links European Plot to 9/11 - Wall Street Journal

Rice Meets with Obama, Then Defends His Approach - Washington Post

Obama, Rice Huddle on Arms Treaty, Other Issues - Associated Press

Reported Plea Deal in Guantanamo Case Draws Fire - Associated Press

Foreign Policy: Big Ideas, Little Action - Washington Post opinion


FAO Calls for 70 Percent Increase in World Food Production - Voice of America

World Trade, Once Rising, Is Starting to Sag Again - New York Times


China Seeks to Block U.N. Report on its Weapons in Darfur - Washington Post

U.N. to Boost Sudan Border Security - BBC News

Sudan Rebukes U.N. Over Border Buffer Zone Plan - Reuters

Sudan's Threatened Peace Deal - New York Times editorial

Somali Militias Clash, Undermining New Strategy - New York Times

Aid Workers Kidnapped in Somalia - BBC News

Zimbabwe President Wants to End Power Sharing Agreement - VOA

Zimbabwe: Mugabe to End Unity Deal Next Year - BBC News

Mugabe: 2011 Zimbabwe Elections to End Coalition - Associated Press

U.N.: Peacekeepers Can't Protect All In Eastern Congo - Reuters

U.N. Envoy Says Over 15,000 Raped in Eastern Congo - Associated Press

Nigeria Militants Threaten New Bomb Attack In Abuja - Reuters

Parties Divided Over Guinea Electoral Commission - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

Mexican Assassins Headed to Arizona - Washington Times

Tijuana Throws Festival for a Break from Drug Violence - Los Angeles Times

Mexican Marine, 3 Gunmen Killed in Shootout - Associated Press

Russia Says It Will Build Nuclear Plant for Venezuela - New York Times

Russia and Venezuela Sign Nuclear Power and Oil Deals - BBC News

Peacekeepers Break Up Anti-U.N. Protest in Haiti - Associated Press

Murder Trial Postponed for Suriname's President - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Chinese Leaders Discuss Economic, Political Plans - Voice of America

China: Party Meets Amid Human Rights Dissent - Washington Post

China: Calls for Reform Spark Excitement, Skepticism - Los Angeles Times

U.N.: Rapid Rise in China's Yuan Could Stall Global Recovery - Voice of America

Chinese Dissidents Sign Letter Supporting Nobel Winner - New York Times

Chinese Christians Barred From Conference - New York Times

North Korea Threatens to Attack if South Resumes Propaganda - New York Times

N. Korea Threatens '1,000-Fold' Increase in Weapons - Associated Press


Medvedev Names New Mayor of Moscow - New York Times

Putin Loyalist Named New Mayor of Moscow - Los Angeles Times

Putin's Right-Hand Man Nominated Moscow Mayor - Associated Press

Putin's Agenda and Medvedev's Dilemma - Washington Post opinion

Georgia Shifts Leaders' Powers, Some See a Political Ploy - New York Times

Kosovo Set for February Parliamentary Election - BBC News

Norway Terror Suspect Released - Associated Press

Middle East

Israel Plan to Build Clouds Peace Talks - New York Times

Homes in E. Jerusalem Raises Doubts About Peace Talks - Los Angeles Times

Israel Unveils Settlement Plans - BBC News

East Jerusalem Housing Approval Irks Palestinians - Associated Press

Palestinians Protest New Jerusalem Housing Plan - Reuters

Thousands Cheer Ahmadinejad in South Lebanon - Voice of America

South Asia

Mumbai: U.S. Warned Key Figure in Plot Had Terror Ties - Washington Post

Adviser to Obama Extols India's Economic Model - New York Times

India to Probe Commonwealth Games - BBC News