Small Wars Journal

16 August SWJ Roundup


ISAF Operations Update - AFPS

4 Killed in Attack on Tanker Depot in Afghanistan - AP

Gunman Kills Afghan Woman Working for Government - AP

US Contracts to Get Money Away from Insurgents - WP



Security Guards, Driver of Abducted American Held - CNN

Chinese 'Saw Bin Laden Raid Helicopter' - BBC

Pakistan Let China See Crashed US 'Stealth' Copter - Reuters

Suspected US Drone Strike Kills 4 in Pakistan - AP



Dozens Killed as Wave of Violence Strikes Iraq - VOA

Wave of Attacks in Iraq Leaves at Least 68 Dead - NYT

Scores Killed in Attacks Across Iraq - WP

Attacks Raise New Concerns about US Pullout - LAT

Wave of Violence Hits Iraq Cities - BBC

Bombs Tear Through 17 Iraqi Cities, 63 Killed - AP

US Servicemembers Not Attacked, but Mission Targeted - S&S

Bombings Bear Signs of al-Qaida in Iraq, General Says - AFPS



Syrian Tanks Roll Through Port City - VOA

Syria Orders Thousands into Stadium in Latakia Crackdown - LAT

Syrian Tanks Shell Latakia as Death Toll Reaches 31 - Reuters

US Unable to Confirm Reported Syrian Naval Shelling - Reuters

Turkey Warns Syria to Stop Crackdown - NYT

Turkey: Bloodshed in Syria Must Immediately Stop - AP

Press Rap 'Arab Silence' on Syria - BBC



Libyan Interior Minister Flies to Cairo in Apparent Defection - VOA

Libya’s Security Chief Arrives in Cairo - NYT

Top Libyan Official Defects to Egypt - WP

Libyan Minister 'Lands in Egypt' - BBC

Libya Rebels in Zawiyah Threaten Supply Line to Tripoli - NYT

Gaddafi Isolated Amid Setbacks - WP

Libya Rebels Fight for Key Towns – BBC

Rebels Say Tripoli Encircled; US Says Scud Fired - Reuters

Gadhafi Forces Try to Block Libyan Rebel Advance - AP  

Rebels Say Tripoli Encircled; Gaddafi Defiant - Reuters

US Officials: Gadhafi Fires First Scud Missile - AP



Judge Adjourns Mubarak Trial, Stops Live TV Broadcasts - VOA

Judge Ends Broadcast of Mubarak at Trial - NYT

Judge in Mubarak Trial Bans TV Coverage - LAT

Trial Reopens for Caged Mubarak - WP

Judge Ends Mubarak Trial Broadcast - AP

Egypt Deploys Soldiers to North Sinai - NYT

Egypt Troops Raid Sinai Militant Hideouts, Kill 1 - AP


Israel / Palestinians

Israeli Aircraft Hit Gaza, 5 Reported Wounded - AP

Abbas Makes Arab Aid Appeal, Sees Risk to UN Bid - Reuters

UN: Palestinians Flee Refugee Camp in Syria - AP

Palestinians 'Flee Syrian Camp' - BBC

Israel Announces New Building in West Bank - WP

Israel OKs 277 New Homes in West Bank Settlement – AP

Netanyahu Faces Israeli Parliament Over Protests - Reuters



Russian Senior Official in Tehran to Discuss Nuclear Talks - VOA

Russian Official in Iran to Revive Nuclear Talks - VOA

Iran Says to Issue Verdicts on U.S. Hikers Soon - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Tunisia Police Battle Protesters - BBC

Tear Gas Fired on Lawyer Protest in Tunisia - AP

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - VOA


Al Qaeda

Al-Qaida Chief Urges Attacks on 'Criminal' America - AP


US Department of Defense

Iraq Medals of Honor All Posthumous - WP

Drones Descend on Washington - AP


United States

Iranian National in US Sentenced in Plot to Ship Goods to Iran - VOA

US Releases CIA Documents on Bay of Pigs Invasion - AP

Scammers Pretend to Solicit Donations for Veterans - S&S

True Cost of Afghanistan, Iraq War Anyone's Guess - McClatchy

A War Tax? It’s Still Not a Bad Idea - WP opinion



The Phantom State Menace - NYT opinion



China Pledges $55 Million in Famine Aid for Horn of Africa - VOA

Militia in Somalia Bars Food Aid, Rights Group Says - LAT

UN Food Agency on Stolen Somali Aid Allegations - AP

Crumbling Church Offers Safe Haven for Somalia's Hungry – VOA

South Sudan Offers Somalia Troops - BBC

UN Urges Inquiry Into Sudan 'War Crime' Reports - Reuters

Nigeria Police Kill 'Car Bomber' - BBC

Police Surround Uganda Opposition Leader's Home - VOA

Anger as Ivory Coast Destroys Illegal Settlements - Reuters

Cuts, New AFRICOM Focus Could Affect HIV Programs - S&S



4 Mexican Navy Personnel Kidnapped by Drug Gangs - AP

Grenade Attack in Mexico Kills 1, Wounds 3 - AP

Colombian Rebel Leader Seeking Asylum in Venezuela - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Seeks to Contain Voter Angst Over Economy - Reuters

Venezuela: Chavez Foes Reject Military's Political Meddling - AP

Argentina's Fernandez Hand Strengthened by Primary - Reuters

11 People Dead After Clash Over Land in Honduras - AP


Asia Pacific

China: Xi Jinping Called Pragmatic, Low-key - WP

Second Tibetan Monk Immolates Himself - NYT

US to Deny Taiwan New F-16 Fighters - AFT

US, South Korea to Begin Ulchi Freedom Guardian Exercise - AFPS

S. Korea, US Begin Annual Military Drill – KT

North Korea Denies South’s Hacking Claims - AP

Japan Gives Visa to Convicted Former Thai Leader - NYT

Indonesian Survivor of Mob Attack by Muslims Is Sentenced - NYT

Victim of Indonesian Mob Attack Sent to Jail - AP

Indonesia Mob Victim: No Justice for Minorities - AP

Rivals Suspected in Attack on Filipino Governor - AP



After Riots, British Leaders Offer Divergent Proposals - NYT

4 Soldiers Killed, 7 Wounded in Russia's Caucasus - AP

Alleged Military Coup Plotters Stand Trial in Turkey - DN

Turkey Signs Deal To Buy Six CH-47 Copters - DN


South Asia

Singh Promises 'Strict Action' to Fight Indian Corruption - VOA

Indian Activist Detained Ahead of Hunger Strike - AP

Former Fighter Turns Candidate in Sierra Leone Elections - Reuters

Sri Lankans Besiege Govt Office Over 'Grease Devils' - Reuters