Small Wars Journal

16 April SWJ Roundup


Blast Kills 9 at Afghan Base, Including 5 from NATO - New York Times

NATO: Bomb Kills 5 NATO Troops, 4 Afghan Soldiers - Associated Press

Suicide Attack Kills 5 Foreign Soldiers in Afghanistan - Reuters

Suicide Bomber Kills Prominent Afghan Police Chief - Voice of America

Kandahar Police Chief Killed by Suicide Bomber - Washington Post

Blast Kills Police Chief and 2 Officers in Kandahar - New York Times

Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills Kandahar Police Chief - Los Angeles Times

Suicide Bomber Kills Kandahar Police Chief - BBC News

International Security Assistance Force Operational Update - AFPS

Taliban Release Seized Afghan Policemen - BBC News


Spy Summit Fails to Resolve U.S.-Pakistan Differences - Reuters

Top Afghan, Pakistan Officials Hold Talks in Kabul - Associated Press

Slow Government Development Threatens Swat Military Gains - Reuters

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Libya Rebels Build Parallel State - Wall Street Journal

NATO Running Short on Munitions in Libya - Washington Post

NATO Says Confident of More Planes for Libya Soon - Associated Press

NATO Asks Other Members to Do More in Libya - Voice of America

NATO Summit Fails to Secure New Planes - BBC News

Leaders Describe Path to Peace in Libya - AFPS

Qaddafi Troops Fire Cluster Bombs Into Civilian Areas - New York Times

Gadhafi's Troops Shell Besieged City of Misrata - Washington Post

Gaddafi 'Cluster Bombing Misrata' - BBC News

Libyan Government Forces Launch Rockets on Misrata - Reuters

Gadhafi Forces Attack Rebel City in Western Libya - Associated Press

Life for Residents in Opposition-Held Libya Calm But Anxious - VOA


Mubarak to Move to Military Hospital, Jail - Voice of America

Mubarak to Be Moved to Egypt Army Hospital - Reuters


Algeria Leader Bouteflika Pledges Constitutional Reform - BBC News


Dueling Protests in Yemen Remain Peaceful - New York Times

President Ali Abdullah Saleh Defiant in Sanaa - BBC News

Yemen's Largest Tribes Press President to Leave - Associated Press


Syria Opposition Groups Rally Despite Concessions - Voice of America

Syria Protests Swell as Tens of Thousands Turn Out - Los Angeles Times

Syrians Renew Protests Despite Concessions - New York Times

Syrian Day of Protest Called Largest Yet - Washington Post

Clashes at Mass Damascus Protest - BBC News

Syria Protests Sweep Into Capital, Defying Assad - Reuters

Syria: Policeman Beaten to Death by Protesters - Associated Press


U.N. Rights Chief Urges Probe of Deaths at Iraqi Camp - Reuters

Iraq Uncovers 'Saddam Hussein-era' Grave of 800 Bodies - BBC News


Iran, Saudi Arabia: The New Cold War - Wall Street Journal

Clinton Says Iran Trying to Hijack Mideast Revolts - Associated Press


Bahrain Backs Away From Opposition Party Ban - Voice of America

Bahrain 'Defers' Shia Party Ban Pending Unrest Probe - BBC News


Islamists Clash With Supporters of Jordan's King - New York Times

Salafist Clash Wounds Dozens in Zarqa - BBC News

Israel / Palestinians

African Migrants Pose Test for Israel - Washington Post

Abducted Italian Activist Slain in Gaza - Washington Post

Body of Kidnapped Activist Found in Gaza City - Los Angeles Times

Hamas Condemns Murder of Italian Activist in Gaza - BBC News

Killing of Italian Activist Deals a Blow to Hamas - New York Times

Palestinians Want Quartet Deal - Associated Press

Israel Strikes Hamas Targets After Rocket Fire - Reuters

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Gates: U.S. Help for Activists Tempered by Security Interests - VOA

Unrest Engulfs Parts of the Middle East After Friday Prayers - VOA

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Overmanned Navy will ax 3,000 Mid-career Sailors - Stars and Stripes

United States

The Next National Security Team - Washington Post opinion


Nigerians to Vote in Presidential Polls - Voice of America

Nigerians Turn Out in Force for Presidential Vote - Reuters

Nigeria Votes on Whether to Keep Accidental Leader - Associated Press

Some Fear over Nigeria Presidential Vote - Los Angeles Times

Explosion Hits Police Station in Northeast Nigeria - Reuters

U.N. Says Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Has Been Well Treated - Reuters

Burkina Faso's President Dissolves Government - New York Times

Burkina Faso's President Sacks His Government - BBC News

Somali Pirates Release Some Prisoners - New York Times

Somali Pirates Keep Indian Hostages Despite Ransom - Associated Press

Somalia Pirates Release Panama-Flagged Bitumen Cargo Ship - Reuters


At Mexico Morgue, Families of Missing Seek Clues - New York Times

13 Bodies Found in House in Northern Mexican State - Associated Press

Bolivia Protests Challenge Evo Morales - BBC News

Rights Watchdog: Activists Harassed in Venezuela - Associated Press

Cuba Marks Bay of Pigs, Opens Pivotal Party Summit - Associated Press

Haitians to Wait 4 More Days for Election Results - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Clinton Arrives Seoul, Nuclear Talks Top Agenda - Associated Press

Nuclear Company to Compensate Evacuees in Japan - New York Times

Indonesian Police Rush to Identify Suicide Bomber - Associated Press

Philippine Troops Kill 2 Militants in Clash - Associated Press


U.N. Court Convicts Two Croatian Generals of War Crimes - New York Times

Croat Generals Jailed for War Crimes in Krajina - BBC News

Metro Bomb: Belarus Shows 'Bomber' on CCTV - BBC News

Bosses Pressed Russian Judge, Official Says - New York Times

South Asia

Bail for Indian Social Activist - BBC News