Small Wars Journal

15 October SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


Report: US Deaths in Drone Strike Due to Miscommunication - LAT

Militants Strike US Afghan Base - BBC

Militants Assault US Base in Eastern Afghanistan - AP

Son of NY Bomb Plot Sheik Killed in Afghanistan - AP

First Suicide Bombing in North Afghan Province - Reuters

Afghan Security Forces Learn to Protect, Serve - AFPS

Reserve Family Sparks Afghan Literacy Project - AFPS



US Ramps Up Attacks Against Haqqani Network to ‘Send a Signal’ - WP

US Missiles Kill 6 in Northwestern Pakistan - AP

A New Pakistan Policy: Containment - NYT opinion



Probe of Alleged Plot Reaches a Chilling Name - WP

Allegations of Plots Added to a History of Hostility - NYT

Iran Denies US Meeting over Plot - BBC

Iran's Supreme Leader Calls US Accusations Meaningless - Reuters

US Says Tehran Denial About Contacts Not Truthful - Reuters

Some US Officials Question Response to Iran Plot - Reuters

US Congress Losing Patience with Iran Policy - WP

Strong' IAEA Report May Pile Pressure on Iran - Reuters

Victims of Iranian ‘Justice’ - WP opinion



US Envoy to Syria Warns of Civil War - WP

UN Official Calls for Action to Prevent Civil War - LAT

UN Official Urges World to Stand Up for Syrians - NYT

Thousands Protest in Support of Syrian Army Defectors - VOA

Syrian Unrest Deaths 'Hit 3,000' - BBC

Europeans Spar With Russia, China on Syria at UN - Reuters



US Sending More Contractors to Secure Weapons Stockpile - NYT

US Says Terrorists Seeking Missing Libyan Missiles - AP

US, Allies Taking Urgent Action on Libya Missiles - Reuters

Gunbattles and Explosions Rock Libya's Capital - VOA

Qaddafi-Era Flag Is Said to Have Set Off Gunfire in Tripoli - NYT

Gaddafi 'Loyalists' in Tripoli Gunfight - BBC

Gun Battle Erupts in Libyan Capital - WP

Libya's Fighting Continues in Sirte, Renews in Tripoli - LAT



Deadly Protests in Yemen Capital - BBC

Yemen: US Strike Kills Local Al-Qaida Media Chief - AP

Al Qaeda Official Killed in Yemen, Pipeline Blown Up - Reuters

Death Toll From Yemen Air Strikes Rises to 24 - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

Gaza Set to Embrace Released Prisoners - NYT

Rabin Memorial Defaced in Palestinian Prisoner Release Protest - VOA

In Israel, Swap Touches Old Wounds - NYT

Israel Plans to Build More Housing in East Jerusalem - NYT

UN Says New Israel Settlement Plans 'Unacceptable' - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Finland to Host Meeting on Nuke-Free Mideast - AP

Arab Spring Upheaval 'Cost $55bn' - BBC

Oman Prepares to Vote Amid Uncertain Times - VOA

Oman Votes for Advisory Council After Protests - AP

Egypt’s Military Rulers Expand Their Power, Raising Alarms - NYT

2,000 March in Cairo Unity Rally, Anger at Army - Reuters

Islamist Protesters March in Tunisia - LAT

Tunisia Police Teargas Protesters - BBC

Protesters Attack Home of Tunis TV Station Head - AP


US Department of Defense

The American Soldier Dubbed the 'Lawrence of Iraq' - BBC

'Mini-Flail' Robot Could be Used to Detect Mines, IEDs - S&S

Army Suicides Decline for Second Consecutive Month - S&S

Air Force Mulls Change to Deployments - S&S

Military Summit Featuring Gay Troops - S&S

Former Army Chaplain Jailed in Beating of German Civilian - S&S


United States

CIA to Fuse Military Opinions in War Analysis - AP

SEC Issues New Rules on Cyberattacks - WP


United Kingdom

Defence Secretary Liam Fox Quits - BBC

British Defense Minister Resigns - NYT

British Defense Chief Liam Fox Resigns - WP

Britain Defense Minister Resigns - LAT

Questions Remain over Fox Funding - BBC

New Inquiry Into Poisoning Death of a Former KGB Officer - NYT



'Occupy' Protests Go Worldwide - BBC

Wall Street Sit-In Protest Goes Global - Reuters

Around the World, Rage Against the Elites - WP opinion



Obama Sends US Forces to Help in Central Africa - AFPS

Armed US Advisers to Help Fight African Renegade Group - NYT

US Deploys Troops in Pursuit of African Rebels - WSJ

US to Deploy Small Force to Uganda - WP

US Sending Military Advisors to Uganda - LAT

Obama: US Combat Troops to Hunt African Rebel Leader - S&S

US Troops to Aid Uganda Battle - BBC

Obama Sends US Military Advisers to Central Africa - Reuters

Why Set US Troops on Africa Militants? - AP

Vote Tally: Liberian President Short of Outright Majority So Far - VOA

Kidnappings: Kenya to Pursue Militants in Somalia - AP

UNHCR Halts Some Operations After Kenya Kidnapping - Reuters

Somali PM Condemns Refugee Camp Kidnapping - VOA

'Al-Qaeda' Aids Somali Refugees - BBC

ICC chief arrives in Ivory Coast - BBC

Int'l Court Prosecutor Arrives in Ivory Coast - AP

Drugs Agency Seizes Nigerian Comedian at Airport - AP

More Than 18,000 Vie for Congo's 500-Seat Parliament - Reuters



Mexican President: State Was Left to Drug Cartel - AP

Mexican State 'Left in Hands' of Drug Gang - Reuters

UN to Cut Haiti Peacekeeper Force - BBC

UN Council Approves Withdrawal of Some Haiti Troops - Reuters

Cuban Communists Mull Term Limits - BBC

Cuba Dissident Group Leader Dies - BBC

Cuban Agent Freed in US to Lobby for Fellow Agents - AP


Asia Pacific

Photos From China Offer Scant Clues to a Succession - NYT

China's Elite Open Key Meeting Amid Jockeying - AP

Clinton: China 'Gaming' World Trading System - VOA

China and Vietnam to Strengthen Military Ties - Reuters

Asia Floods Take Heavy Toll on Local Economies - VOA



Italy: Berlusconi Barely Survives Confidence Vote - NYT

French Voters: ‘None of the Above’ Seems Best - NYT

Germans Condemn Police Use of Spyware - NYT

Macedonia’s FM Urges EU to Declare Greece Bankrupt - VOA

Selective Prosecution in Ukraine - NYT editorial


South Asia

India and Burma Expand Trade Ties - BBC