1/5 in Helmand: AAR Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

1st Battalion, 5th Marines PowerPoint AAR - COIN in Helmand: After the Clear, Thoughts and Tips on Non Kinetic Actions - most certainly worth a thousand words.

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This is a great set of slides and comments! It shows that after some questionable use of TTPs we [the coalition] are finally starting to understand the cultural aspects of this COIN Op. It is this approach that will set the conditions for a staged withdrawal, well done 1/5 USMC!!

In response to Mati (Feb 29,2010) I disagree with the barber comment in part. Yes, the Taliban could use this picture in an anti-western propaganda campaign but we will end up going too far if we worry about them using our pictures against us all of the time. The Taliban are only one part of this insurgency and are slowly becoming less influential too, thank God.

corrections..... and would feed taliban propaganda.

Slide 16 is against afghan culture and will Taliban propaganda that American have turned Afghans into barber. But overall, great job.

Fantastic representation of everything that needs to be said and understood to adapt with a new culture. Interaction and involvement will change the war. This goes to show what honorable men can accomplish. Thank you for the presentation and your dedication to our country!

I hope this slide show is seen by the Taliban. Would't it be nice if they began to mimic the tactics?

Semper fi, devil dogs! The presentation shows you get it!

Salaam eleikum Y'all!

Respect, caution, Marines exemplifying how truly honorable men act. Extremely powerful and something the Afghans have rarely (if ever)seen before.

the AAR was really good. thanks for posting it.

Slide 50 - Get the kids into schools - its the only long term solutions.

The importance of this cannot be understated. educated people are so much better equipped to find alternatives to the jihad narrative, they are better able to support themselves, and regardless of the traditional warrior ethos that permeates Afghan culture solid education and future employment will trump an AK-47 in more cases then not.