Small Wars Journal

15 February SWJ Roundup

Middle East / North Africa

Public Holiday Gives Egypt's Rulers More Time to Implement Reforms - VOA

Egypt's Generals Try to Quell Strikes - Washington Post

Egypt Army Sets 6-Month Blueprint, Future Role Unclear - New York Times

Egyptian Military Criticizes Public Worker Strikes - Voice of America

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Present Two Faces - Wall Street Journal

In One Slice of New Egypt, Few Focusing on Religion - New York Times

Egypt Economy Awaits its Lost Tourists - Washington Post

Clashes in Iran, Protests Continue in Yemen and Bahrain - New York Times

Iran, Bahrain and Yemen, Protesters Take to Streets - Los Angeles Times

Egypt Uprising Inspires Middle East - Washington Post

Arab League Leader Says Nations Shouldn't Fear Revolts - Washington Post

Arab Leaders to Meet in Baghdad - Washington Times

Bahrain Police Disperse Rallies With Tear Gas - Voice of America

Unrest Spreads in Bahrain - Wall Street Journal

Bahrain Man 'Shot Dead' at Protester's Funeral - BBC News

Supporters, Opponents of Yemen's President Clash in Capital - VOA

Street Battles Hit Yemeni Capital in Latest Protest - BBC News

Clashes in Yemen Between Pro- and Anti-govt Protesters - Washington Post

Palestinian Leader Dissolves Cabinet - New York Times

Palestinian Cabinet Resigns as Mideast Turmoil Spreads - Washington Post

Upheaval Opens the Exits in Tunisia - New York Times

Tunisia Migrants: Italy Puts Europe on Alert - BBC News

Facebook Officials Keep Quiet on Its Role in Revolts - New York Times

A Cautious Faith in the Army - New York Times opinion


One Year After Offensive, Signs of Progress in Marjah - Stars and Stripes

Bomb Kills 2 at Upscale Kabul Hotel Complex - Washington Post

Suicide Bombing in Kabul Kills Two - Los Angeles Times

Afghan Guards Called Heroes After Thwarting Attack - New York Times

Afghan Government Seizes Election Ballots - Washington Post

U.N. Says More Child Victims in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Men Accused of Plot to Sell Drugs to Arm Taliban - New York Times

Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Insurgents in Kandahar - AFPS

U.S. Army: Reprimands Issued for Troubled Mission - Navy Times


U.S. 'to Prove' Raymond Davis Immunity in Pakistan - BBC News

Pakistani Gov't Says No Change on American Diplomat's Case - VOA

Pakistani Governor's Assassin Pleads Guilty - Associated Press


Iraqi Protesters Seek Not a New Regime, but Jobs - New York Times


Iran Uses Force Against Protests As Region Erupts - New York Times

Iran Sees Biggest Protests in a Year - Washington Post

Iran Uses Tear Gas, Arrests to Break Up Protests - Voice of America

Iran Unrest: MPs Call for Death of Mousavi and Karroubi - BBC News

State Department Turns to Twitter to Reach Iranians - USA Today

U.S. Department of Defense

Obama Seeks $676 Billion for Defense Programs - Washington Times

Obama Asks for $671 Billion Defense Budget in Fiscal 2012 - AFPS

Gates: Defense Needs $540 Billion for Fiscal '11 - AFPS

Pentagon Looks to Cut Spending with 2012 Budget - Stars and Stripes

Mullen: U.S. Depends on Military Ties with Israel - Associated Press

Still No Word on Combat Brigades in Europe - Stars and Stripes

'Don't Ask' Repeal Training Set to Begin - AFPS

Rumsfeld's Revisionism - Washington Post opinion

United States

Clinton Picks Holbrooke Replacement - New York Times

Grilling Heated in House Hearing on Egypt and Middle East - Washington Post

Sen. Grassley Probes Border Agent Slaying - Washington Times

U.S. Policy to Address Internet Freedom - New York Times

House Passes Extension of Patriot Act - Washington Times

United Kingdom

Army Apologizes after U.K. Soldiers Sacked by Email - Reuters


Athor Attack in South Sudan's Jonglei 'Killed 200' - BBC News

Economic Sanctions Hurting Ivory Coast Economy - Voice of America

Niger Politicians Forge Alliances Before March Election - Voice of America

Mugabe's Absence Reportedly Hinders Zimbabwe Government - VOA

Partying Amid Poverty Stirs South Africa Debate - New York Times


In Mexico, Anti-Drug Leader Is Killed - Wall Street Journal

Mexico Drug Violence Kills 18 in Tamaulipas State - BBC News

Mexico, U.S.: Bridging a Gap Between Fear and Peace - New York Times

Colombia Drugs: Police Hold 'Gang's Financial Brains' - BBC News

Drug Submarine Seized by Colombian Navy - BBC News

Arrests of Brazilian Police Spur Drive Against Graft - New York Times

Argentina Accuses U.S. of Sneaking in Cargo - New York Times

Argentina, U.S. Tangle over Military Material - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Admiral: China's Carrier Killer Won't Stop U.S. Navy - Associated Press

Russian Sold Secrets for China's First Carrier - Washington Times

2 Philippine Soldiers, 5 Militants Killed in Clash - Associated Press

Gov't: Philippine Rebels Stronger Ahead of Talks - Associated Press

U.N. Launches Assessment of N. Korea Food Needs - Associated Press

Thailand, Cambodia Foreign Ministers to Face Off at U.N. - Voice of America


Cuts in European Defense Budgets Raise Concerns - Washington Post

Tunisia Migrants: Italy Puts Europe on Alert - BBC News

Russian Tycoon's Trial Was Rigged, Assistant Says - New York Times

Russia: Khodorkovsky Sentence Imposed by 'Higher Authority' - Washington Post

Russian Judge's Superiors Issued Verdict - Los Angeles Times

Germany Feels Push Back as It Grows More Euro-Assertive - New York Times

Italian Prime Minister to Stand Trial - Los Angeles Times

Berlusconi Indicted on Prostitution Charges - Associated Press

Investigators of Turkish Plot Detain 4 Journalists - New York Times