Small Wars Journal

15 April SWJ Roundup


Clinton Predicts Violent Spring in Afghanistan - Washington Post

Spring Fighting Season to Test Gains in Afghan War - Associated Press

Suicide Bombers in Kill 3 Police Officers - Los Angeles Times

Suicide Bombers Kill Police - BBC News

Iran's Cash for Karzai Buys Years of Loyalty - Washington Times

Soldier Integrates Afghan Operations - AFPS

U.S., Afghan Forces Hold Former Insurgent Havens - AFPS

Combined Force in Jowzjan Kills, Captures Insurgents - AFPS

Motley Consensus on the Afghanistan Line Item - New York Times

Condolence Payments for Afghan Civilians - Los Angeles Times editorial


Pakistan Militants Killed 2,500 in 2010, Report Says - BBC News

Pakistani City is Hit by New Round of Targeted Killings - BBC News

Militant's Road Ends in Pakistan - Associated Press

2 French Militants Arrested in Pakistan - Associated Press

Two Suspected French Militants Arrested in Pakistan - Reuters

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

NATO Nations Commit to Ending Gadhafi Rule - Voice of America

U.S., Allies Raise Ante on Gadhafi Ouster - Wall Street Journal

NATO Showing Strain Over Approach to Libya - New York Times

U.S. Resists Calls for Greater Engagement - Washington Post

U.S., Allies Say Remain Firm on Libya Mission - Los Angeles Times

Allies Say Future with Gaddafi Unthinkable - BBC News

NATO Ministers Meet Amid Libya Dispute - Associated Press

NATO States Buck French, British Call Over Libya - Reuters

U.S., Britain, France Vow to Push Ahead in Libya - Associated Press

Allies Say Libya Campaign on Until Gaddafi Goes - Reuters

NATO Says Gadhafi Must Go but Won't Force Him Out - Associated Press

U.S., Allies See Libyan Rebels in Hopeless Disarray - Reuters

BRICS Nations Oppose Use of Force in Libya - Voice of America

Air Strikes Hit Libya As Diplomats Consider Options - Voice of America

Kadafi Forces Kill 20 in Key Libyan City - Los Angeles Times

Port City Filled With Migrants Desperate to Exit - New York Times

Amateur Videos from Libya Show Frustration - Voice of America

Libyan Opposition Gives War Lessons to Youth - Voice of America

Operation Libyan Freedom - United Press International opinion

NATO Made Right Call on Helping Libya - Washington Post opinion

Libya's Pathway to Peace - New York Times opinion

The NATO Coalition Is Failing in Libya - Daily Telegraph opinion

Gaddafi Wasn't Poised for Genocide - Boston Globe opinion


Military to Review Cases of Jailed Protesters - New York Times

Egypt Army Reconsiders Cases of Jailed Protesters - Associated Press

Press Welcomes Mubarak Arrest - BBC News


Former Tunisian Leader Faces Legal Charges - New York Times


Yemen Religious, Tribal Leaders: Saleh Must Go Now - Reuters


White House Rebuffs Syrian Opposition - Washington Times

Syrian Govt Offers Mixed Message to Protesters - New York Times

Syria's Assad Seeks to Curb Prayer Protests - Reuters

President Bashar al-Assad Forms New Government - BBC News

Rights Group: Syria Tortures Detained Protesters - Associated Press

Protest Erupts in Syria's Druze Heartland - Reuters


Iraqi Youths Long for 'Arab Spring' Moment - New York Times

Iraq Raid on Iranian Exiles' Camp Ashraf 'Killed 34' - BBC News

U.N.: 34 Killed in Iraqi Raid on Iranian Exile Camp - Associated Press

Roadside Bombs Kill 3 South of Baghdad - Associated Press


U.S. Says Iran Helping Syria Quell Protests - Voice of America

Iran Secretly Aiding Repression of Protests in Syria - Daily Telegraph

Iran Said to Help Syria Track Protesters' Web Use - Reuters

European Airlines Face Refueling Issues In Iran - Wall Street Journal

Iranian Winter Could Chill Arab Spring - Wall Street Journal opinion


Bahrain Government Moves to Disband Shia Opposition - BBC News

U.S. Response in Bahrain Criticized - Washington Post

Bahrainis Wonder What Went Wrong - Los Angeles Times

Bahrain Backs Off on Closure of Opposition Groups - Associated Press

Bahrain Seeks to Dissolve Main Opposition Group - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Hamas Says It Found Body of Italian Activist - New York Times

Hamas: Abducted Italian Activist Killed in Gaza - Reuters

Colleagues Rebuke Gaza Report's Author - New York Times

Back to the Peace Talks - Washington Post editorial

Palestinians' Mistake in Seeking Statehood - Washington Post opinion

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings - New York Times

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Gates: America Must Balance Idealism, Realism - AFPS

Carter Outlines Military Acquisition Improvements - AFPS

Carter Seeks Process to Fund Urgent Needs - AFPS

DoD Asking Congress For Urgent-Needs Account - Defense News

Dempsey Discusses Range of Army Issues - AFPS

Marine's Memoir Details Two Kinds of Service - Stars and Stripes

Arlington Cemetery Acknowledges More Burial Errors - Washington Post

Arlington Adds Staff, New Rules after Grave Mix-up - Associated Press

United States

Congress Decides 2011 Federal Budget - Voice of America

Congress OKs Big Budget Cuts, Bigger Fights Await - Associated Press

Ill. Man Denies Taking Military Data to China - Associated Press

FBI Closes in on Zombie PC Gang - BBC News

Official in Charge of Air Traffic Control Resigns - New York Times

Arizona Sheriff Won't Yield the Spotlight - New York Times


Ivory Coast: Abidjan Food Stocks Looted - Voice of America

Kenya Faces Criticism Over Nationals Detained in Uganda - VOA

Ugandan Opposition Leader Wounded During Protest - New York Times

Gunfire at Burkina Faso Presidential Compound - Associated Press

Disgruntled Soldiers Fire in Burkina's Capital - Reuters

Somalia Seeks Control of Its Airspace - New York Times


Mexico: Violence Ups Pressure on Calderon - Washington Post

16 Mexico Police Officers Held, Aided Cartels - Los Angeles Times

16 Officers Arrested in Mexico Deaths - New York Times

Another 23 Corpses Found in Northern Mexican Pits - Associated Press

Cuba Gears Up for Key Communist Summit - Associated Press

Worst Drought for 50 Years in Cuba - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Japan: Nuclear Cleanup Plans Hinge on Unknowns - New York Times

A Wary Drive up to the Gate of Fukushima - Los Angeles Times

Japan Opposition Leader Urges Premier to Resign - New York Times

China Detains Rights Lawyer, Sends Man to Labour Camp - Reuters

N. Korea Says Detained American Has Confessed to Crime - VOA

North Korea Prepares to Indict American - New York Times

North Korea's Six-party Trap - Washington Post opinion

Suicide Bomber Hits Indonesian Mosque - Associated Press

Suicide Bomber Attacks Indonesian Police - Reuters


Belarus Officials' Details on Bombing Raise Questions - New York Times

Hungary Urges Balkan E.U. Entry - New York Times

British Prime Minister Calls for Immigration Curbs - Associated Press

Immigration Fractured Britain - Daily Telegraph opinion

Spanish Police Confiscate Record Quantity of ETA Explosives - VOA

U.N. Judgments Due in Croatian War Crimes Case - Associated Press