Small Wars Journal

14 March SWJ Roundup

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

A Nuclear Tragedy, But How Big? - Washington Post

Radioactive Releases in Japan Could Last Months - New York Times

2nd Blast Heightens Japan Nuclear Fear - Los Angeles Times

Japan Nuclear Plant's Troubles Deepen - Wall Street Journal

Ravaged Japan Faces Nuclear-power Crisis - Washington Times

New Blast at Japan Nuclear Plant - BBC News

Authorities Race to Contain Meltdowns - Washington Post

Quake Death Toll in Japan Soars - New York Times

Rescuers Dig for Survivors, Thousands Feared Dead - Wall Street Journal

Grim Recovery Effort Along Japan's Coast - Los Angeles Times

Coastal Towns Lack Supplies, Food - Washington Post

Much Searching but Few Are Rescued - New York Times

U.S. Pulls Ships, Aircraft From Japan Nuke Plant - Associated Press


Afghanistan 'Suicide Bombing' Kills 33 at Army Center - BBC News


Assassinations Highlight Sway of Radical Clerics - Washington Post

Shooting in Pakistan Reveals Fraying Alliance - New York Times

Pakistan Court Declines Ruling on CIA Case - Associated Press

Raymond Davis: Pakistan Court Avoids Immunity Ruling - BBC News

Pakistan Court Dodges Decision on CIA Contractor's Immunity - Reuters

Officials: U.S. Missile Strike Kills 4 in Pakistan - Associated Press

Ambush in NW Kills 9, Threatens Peace Deal - Associated Press

U.K. 'Gave Torture Tacit Approval' - BBC News

Pervez Musharraf: U.K. Never Told Me Not to Torture - Associated Press

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Libyan Forces Gaining Ground on Rebel-held Territory - Washington Post

At Crossroads, Libya Rebels Vow to Stand or Die - New York Times

Libya's Diverse Rebel Forces - Washington Post

Gadhafi Forces Drive Rebels From Key Oil Town - Associated Press

Libya Rebels Say Brega Re-taken - BBC News

U.K.'s Hague: Arming Libyan Rebels an Option - Reuters

Milestone Referendum in Egypt Just Days Away - New York Times

Egypt Christians Halt Protests Over Church Burning - Reuters

Violence in Bahrain, Yemen - Los Angeles Times

Protesters Seal Off Bahrain's Financial Center - New York Times

Police, Protesters Clash in Bahrain - Washington Post

Bahrain Lawmakers Ask King to Impose Martial Law - Associated Press

Bahrain Calls for Gulf Help After Violent Protests - Reuters

Clashes Erupt as Protests Continue in Yemen's Capital - New York Times

Yemen President Sacks Minister Amid Growing Unrest - Associated Press

Gunfire, Military Deployment as Yemen Tensions Rise - Reuters

Libya's Domino Effect - Washington Post opinion

Iraq Then, Libya Now - New York Times opinion

Fiddling While Libya Burns - New York Times opinion


Suicide Bomber Hits Iraqi Troops - BBC News

Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Soldiers at Iraq Army Post - Associated Press

Mr. Maliki's Power Grab - New York Times editorial


Iran Launched Cyber Attack on 'Enemies' of State - Associated Press

Israel / Palestinians

Israel to Expand West Bank Settlements - Washington Post

Israel to Step Up Pace of Construction in West Bank - New York Times

U.S. Criticizes Israeli Settlement Construction Plan - Associated Press


Thousands in Lebanon Demand Hezbollah Be Disarmed - Associated Press


Indian Navy Captures 61 Pirates - BBC News

Indian Navy Captures 61 Pirates in Arabian Sea - Associated Press

Somali Pirates Free Bangladesh Ship With Crew - Reuters

"New Media"

When Unrest Stirs, Bloggers Are Already in Place - New York Times

United States

Manning Comment: Crowley Out at State Department - Washington Post

Official Exits State Dept. After Jabs at Pentagon - New York Times

Texas Farmers Say Drug War Making Job Dangerous - Associated Press


More Than 42 Fighters Dead in Raid on S. Sudan Town - Reuters

South Sudan Accuses North of Plot - BBC News

More Flee as Violence Worsens in Ivory Coast - New York Times

Nonviolent Muslim Cleric Killed in Nigeria - Associated Press


Mexico: Ciudad Juarez 'Safe Corridors' Plagued by Killings - Associated Press

Chavez: Foes Seek Libya-Like Uprising in Venezuela - Associated Press

White House Demands Cuba Free U.S. Worker - Associated Press

Aristide's Return to Haiti 'Imminent' - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Chinese Premier Calls for Reforms - BBC News

China Rejects Comparison With N. Africa Uprisings - Associated Press

China's Gradual Revolution - New York Times opinion

More Thai 'Red-shirts' Released - BBC News


Ruling Party Is Accused of Fraud in Russian Vote - New York Times

Russia's Ruling Party Wins Local Elections - Associated Press

Greek Anti-terrorist Police Seize Weapons Cache - Washington Post

Turkey: Thousands Protest Crackdown on Press Freedom - New York Times

South Asia

India 'Largest Importer' of Arms - BBC News