Small Wars Journal

14 August SWJ Roundup


A Trusted Man in Afghanistan - WP

Afghanistan's Former Spy Chief: 'Never Trust the Taliban' - TT

NATO: Raids by US Commandos Nearly Triple Since '09 - S&S

US to Keep Control of Prison, Missing Milestone - S&S

Abducted Afghan Officials Killed - BBC

Afghan Police Recover Bodies of 8 Security Troops – AP

Suicide Bombers Attack Afghan Governor's Compound - Reuters



US Citizen Kidnapped in Pakistan - VOA

Gunmen Abduct American in Pakistan - WP

American Kidnapped by Gunmen in Pakistan - NYT

American Abducted in Lahore - BBC

Gunmen Abduct US Man in Brazen Raid in Pakistan - AP

American Man Kidnapped by Assailants in Pakistan - Reuters

Afghan Governor's Compound Hit in Gun and Bomb Attack - BBC

Rockets Hit Base in Pakistan, Killing 3 Soldiers - AP

Seven Convicted over Rawalpindi Army HQ Attack - BBC



Syrian Forces Kill 3 in New Crackdowns - VOA

Syrian Tank, Army Sweeps Against Protesters Kill 5 - AP

Hama has Long Been in Syrian Regime's Sights - LAT

Clinton: Syria's Assad Facing 'Crescendo of Condemnation' - VOA

Israel Army Plants New Mines Along Syria Border - AP

Canada Extends Sanctions Against Syria - AP



Tribal Rifts Threaten to Undermine Libya Uprising - NYT

Libyan Forces, Rebels, Clash in Two Regions - VOA

Fierce Fighting in Key Libya Town - BBC

Heavy Clashes as Libyan Rebels Enter Zawiya - AP

Libya Rebels Control Zawiyah Center – Reuters

Gadhafi's Forces Control Oil Hub, Government Says - CNN



Egypt's Islamists Challenge Military Rulers - AP

Egypt Protesters Call for End to Military Rule - CNN

Egyptian Forces Flood into Sinai - WP

Egypt's Sinai Security Forces Say Plan Crackdown - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

Palestinians Set for UN State Bid - BBC

Palestinians to Seek UN Statehood Vote Next Month - Reuters

Mass Economic Protests Continue in Israel - VOA

Israelis Take to Streets for 4th Week of Protests - AP


Middle East / North Africa

In Iraq, Two US Mothers with a Mission - WP

Twin Blasts Kill Iraqi Soldier in Baghdad - AP

Iran's 'Nuclear Partner' Russia Seeks to Revive Talks - Reuters

Lebanon Searching for 5 Escaped Militants - VOA

Using Bed Sheets, 5 Prisoners Escape Lebanese Jail - AP

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


US Department of Defense

Foreign Fights Need Training, Not Troops - DN

Marine’s Gallantry Earns Highest Military Honor - AFPS


United States

An African Chief in Cabby’s Clothing - NYT

'60s-era Nuclear Cruise Ship Bides its Time in Obscurity - LAT

Hunt for Bin Laden Profits - LAT editorial


United Kingdom

After British Riots, Conflicting Answers as to ‘Why’ - NYT

Cameron: Time for Zero Tolerance Approach - TT

UK Police Wary of 'Supercop' Plan - BBC

British Police Slam Recruitment of US Police Commander - G&M

British Police Charge 2 With Killing Trio in Riots - AP

Petrol Bombs Thrown at Police After N. Irish March - Reuters

N. Ireland Police Attacked by Catholic Rioters - AP



Established Democracies Face a Summer of Despair - AP



More Food Aid Needed in E. Africa - VOA

WFP Expands Relief Work in Famine-Hit Somalia -AP

Somali Refugees Move to New Site in Kenya - VOA

Frustration Mounts As Somalis Wait for Famine Relief - VOA

Somali Islamists Thrive as Children Die - TT

Somalia PM Orders Aid Protection - BBC

Somalia Wants Humanitarian Force to Guard Food Convoys - Reuters

Remains of Crashed US Helicopter Still Lies in Mogadishu - VOA

Muslim Sect Kills Cleric in Northeast Nigeria - AP

Angola Blocks Activists Ahead of Regional Summit - AP



Mexican Soldiers Uncover 'Narco-tunnel' to US - CNN

Leaders of Colombia's Landless in New Peril - AP

Brazil: Corruption Charges Mar Recovery After Rio Floods - AP

Castro Turns 85 Quietly but Still a Force in Cuba - AP


Asia Pacific

US Economic Woes Loom Over Biden Visit to China - NYT

China Says Order Restored after Thousands Protest - AP

Japan Calls for China to Explain Aircraft Carrier - AFP

Tibetan Exiles Accuse Chinese of Cyber-Attacks - VOA

Taiwan Begins to Deal with its Amateur Spies Caught by China - LAT

Vietnamese Officials Visit US Aircraft Carrier – AP

3 Filipino Policemen Wounded Repulsing Rebel Raid - AP

Philippine Rebels Try to End Deadly Land Feud - AP

Fugitive Former Lawmaker Returns to Indonesia - AP

Cheers in Burma as Suu Kyi Travel Tests Freedom - AP



Germany Marks Construction of the Berlin Wall - AP

Germany Marks 50 Years Since Wall - BBC

Amid Multiculturalism, Dutch Confront Questions of Identity - NYT

Czech Anti-Communist Fighter Masin Dies at 81 – AP


South Asia

On the India-Pakistan Border, a Cold Peace - Reuters