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13 September SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


Interim Leader Calls for State Based on Rule of Law, Islam - VOA

Libya Leader Calls for Unity - WP

Libyan Transitional Leader Urges Reconciliation - NYT

Sharp Splits Emerging Among Libya's New Leaders - AP

Libya's Revolutionary Leader Calls for Civil State - AP

'Moderate Islam' to Guide Libya - BBC

Anti-Gaddafi Forces 'Committed Abuses' - BBC

Pro-Kadafi Forces Attack Oil Refinery in E. Libya - LAT

Pro-Gaddafi Forces Kill 15 at Libya Oil Refinery - Reuters

New Fighting Over Key Libyan Town - BBC

NATO Airstrikes Pound Pro-Gadhafi Targets - AP

China Recognizes Rebel Government - WP

China Says New Libya Leaders Will Honor Accords - AP

Niger Fears Influx From Libya of Qaddafi Soldiers - NYT

Gadhafi's Son 'en Route to Niamey,' Official Says - AP

Niger Says Saadi Gaddafi Under Surveillance, Not Detained - Reuters

Niger: Libya Generals Negotiate for Refugee Status - AP

US Boots on the Ground in Libya, Eight of Them - S&S

Libya’s Battle-Tested Women Hope Gains Last - NYT

Civilian Volunteers Brace War-Crippled Libya - VOA

Building for a Free Libya - WP opinion



Pentagon to Cut Funds for Afghan Forces Deeply - LAT

Militants Launch Attack on US Embassy in Kabul - NYT

US Embassy in Kabul Under Attack - WP

Explosions and Gunfire Rock Kabul - BBC

Militants Fire on Central Kabul, Including US Embassy - Bloomberg

Rockets Fired at US Embassy in Afghan Capital - AP

Taliban Attack Afghan Capital's Embassy District - Reuters

Pentagon Blames Haqqanis for Wardak Bombing - S&S

Haqqani Network Behind Afghan Truck Blast - Reuters

Afghan Militias 'Commit Abuses' - BBC

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS



Gunmen Ambush Pakistan School Bus - BBC

Gunmen Attack School Van in Pakistan; 5 Dead - AP

Floods Chaos Worsens in Pakistan - BBC

Heavy Rains Cripple Pakistan's Biggest City Karachi - Reuters



‘Iraqi Good Enough’ Can Contain Violence After Drawdown - S&S

Camp Victory Preparing to Close - WP

Turkey Warns May Launch Ground Raid in N. Iraq - Reuters

22 Shia Pilgrims Shot Dead in Iraq - BBC

Officials: 22 Shiite Pilgrims Found Dead in Iraq - AP

Police: Gunmen Kill 22 Shi'ite Iraqi Pilgrims - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

US Nervous as Ties Fray Between Israel, Neighbors - AP

EU's Ashton in Cairo for Talks on Mideast Peace - AP

Palestinians' UN Gambit Could Spur Changes - AP

Arabs to Push for Palestinian Statehood Bid - Reuters

US Rallies Opposition to Palestinian Statehood Bid - WT

Israel Lobbying Against Palestinians - AP

Turkey Says Israel’s Flotilla Raid 'Cause for War' - AP

Lonely Israel - WP editorial

Israel’s Hostile Neighbors - WP opinion



Turkey's PM to Meet with Egypt's Leaders - LAT

Turkey's PM to Outline Egypt Plan - BBC

Turkish PM Visits Egypt to Boost Regional Influence - Reuters

Egypt's Ex-Spy Chief Testifies in Mubarak Trial - AP

Egypt's Former VP Testifies at Mubarak Trial - Reuters



Yemeni Presidential Decree May Change Little - NYT

Yemen's President Maneuvering Over Power Transfer - AP

Saleh Empowers Deputy to Sign Yemen Transition Deal - Reuters

UN Calls on Yemen to Halt Attacks on Civilians - Reuters

Yemen Website Shows Video of French Hostages - Reuters



UN Count of Syria Dead Now at 2,600 - NYT

UN Names Human Rights Probe Into Syria Crimes - Reuters

Russia Resists Syria Sanctions, Assad Forces Kill 15 - Reuters

Syria Troops Raid Villages as Russia Boosts Regime - AP

Medvedev: No Need for Additional Pressure on Syria - VOA



Iran Will Reportedly Release 2 Jailed Americans - NYT

Iran’s President Says He Will Pardon Americans - WP

Iran 'to Free' US Spy-Case Hikers - BBC

Iran Orders Release of US Men Jailed as Spies - Reuters

Lawyer: Iran Sets Bail for Jailed Americans - AP

IAEA Chief 'Concerned' About Iran's Nuclear Ambitions - VOA

Iran Probes ‘Unprecedented’ Bank Fraud Network - AP

Iran Tries 2 People Charged With Spying for Israel - AP


Middle East / North Africa

IMF Says Prepared to Aid Libya, Egypt - Reuters

Algeria Ends State Monopoly of Broadcast Media - AP

Cluster Bomb Meeting in Lebanon - BBC

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda Video Release Marks 9/11 - BBC

Al Qaeda Releases Video Supporting Arab Spring - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Leon Panetta: The Battle-Tested Politician - NPR

Pentagon Racks up $720 Million in Late Fees Since 2001- S&S

Winnefeld Praises National Guard - AFPS

Defense Spending Must Have Credit Limits - WP opinion


United States

Armed Services Chairman: Obama Anti-Military - WT

Study Warns US Must Develop Cyber Intelligence - AP

Clinton, Panetta to Attend Australia-US Ministerial - AFPS

Texas Wildfire Destroys More Than 1,500 Homes - NYT

Protect Our Right to Anonymity - NYT opinion


United Nations

IAEA States Adopt Nuclear Safety Action Plan - Reuters


International Criminal Court

Hague Is Asked to Investigate Vatican Over Abuse - NYT



Soldiers Hunt for Kidnapped British Widow in Kenya - BBC

Kenya: Oil Leak Sparks Deadly Fire in Nairobi - WP

Scores Dead in Kenyan Pipeline Fire - NYT

President: Nigerian Security Risks Hurting Investment - Reuters

Nigeria Army 'to End Jos Unrest' - BBC

Nigeria: Police Station Bombing, Robbery Kills 5 - AP

Rwandan Leader in Paris to Ease Tensions - NYT

France, Rwanda Aim to Put Bitter Genocide Row Behind - Reuters

Island Dwellers Fear Ruined Tourism Season After Kenya Attack - Reuters

Judge: S. African Youth Leader Uttered Hate Speech - NYT

S. Africa's Julius Malema Found Guilty of Hate Speech - LAT

S. Africa: ANC to Challenge 'Hate Song' Ban - BBC

S. Africa: Zuma Offers Reconciliation with Youth Leader - NYT



Ex-General to Face Runoff in Guatemala - NYT

Guatemala Election Goes to Runoff - WP

Guatemala Presidential Vote Headed for Nov. Runoff - AP

Retired General Leads Guatemala Vote, Faces Run-Off - Reuters

Venezuela's Chavez Sees Cautionary Tale in Libya - AP

Obama Says Cuba Reform Not Enough - BBC


Asia Pacific

Drones Could Provide Intel on N. Korean Missile Sites - S&S

Possible N. Korean Defectors Found Off Japan Coast - AP

Philippine Air Force 'Ill-Equipped' For Security Threats - S&S

Philippines to File 2 Graft Cases Against Arroyo - AP

Taiwan Lawmaker Expects Disappointment on F-16s - AP

Japan’s Search for Good Leadership - WP

Vietnam Political Prisoner Dies After 33 Years - AP

US Envoy Offers Burma Road Map for Lifting Sanctions - VOA



European Debt Woes Drive Down Markets - WP

London Hosts Massive Arms Exhibition - AP

Explosion Rocks French Nuclear Site - WP

Blast at French Nuclear Site Kills One, No Leaks - Reuters

Nuke Agency's Safety Plan Irks Germany, Others - AP

Top French Ex-Leaders 'Got $20m’ From Africans' - BBC

Russian Hockey Team’s Lone Survivor Dies - NYT

Europe Fears Greece Heading Inexorably Toward Default - LAT

Sweden: Former Terror Suspects Charged With Murder Plot - AP


South Asia

Rights Council Gets Report on Sri Lanka Deaths - AP

UN Under Pressure Over Sri Lanka - BBC

Sri Lanka Under Growing Pressure on War Atrocities - Reuters