Small Wars Journal

13 February SWJ Roundup


Egypt's Military Rulers Pledge Peaceful Transition - Washington Post

Military Offers Assurances to Egypt and Neighbors - New York Times

Egypt Army Struggles to Clear Tahrir Square Protesters - BBC News

Tents Give Way to Traffic in Tahrir Square - Los Angeles Times

U.S.-Egyptian Counterterrorism Work in Question - Washington Post

In U.S. Signals to Egypt, Obama Straddled a Rift - New York Times

Obama's Strategy: Apply Pressure, Avoid Intruding - Los Angeles Times

Egypt's Path Does Not Have to Follow Iran's - New York Times

The Morning After in Egypt, Grim Realities - Washington Post

Reborn Egypt Gets Back to Business - Los Angeles Times

How the War of Words Was Won in Cairo - New York Times

Egyptians Focus on Recovering Nation's Money - Washington Post

Mubarak Family Riches Attract New Focus - New York Times

Israel Welcomes Egypt's Pledge to Honor Peace Accord - Washington Post

Among the Muslim Brotherhood - New York Times

Mubarak Yet to be Sighted in Sharm el-Sheikh Exile - Washington Post

Is it Really Over? - Foreign Policy opinion

From Cairo's Streets - Washington Post opinion

What Egypt Can Teach America - New York Times opinion

Egypt's Youth and the Faux Reformers - Washington Post opinion

They Did It - New York Times opinion

Tanks vs. Twitter in Egypt - Washington Post opinion

Middle East / North Africa

Looking for a Few Good Mideast Democrats - Associated Press

Palestinian Leaders Suddenly Call for Elections - New York Times

Palestinian Officials Pledge to Hold Elections - Los Angeles Times

Anti-government Protests Broken Up in Yemen and Algeria - BBC News

Security Forces in Yemen Beat Protesters - Associated Press

Algerian Riot Police Break Up Protest - New York Times

U.S. Condemns Syria for Young Blogger's `Spy' Trial - Associated Press

The Upside of Anger - Washington Post opinion


Police Headquarters Hit in Afghan South - New York Times

Taliban Fighters Kill at Least 19 in Attack - Washington Post

Deadly Taliban Attack on Kandahar Strikes Police HQ - BBC News

19 Killed in Taliban Strike at Police Headquarters - Los Angeles Times

Afghanistan: At Least 18 Killed in Taliban Raid - Associated Press

NATO: 740 Trainers Still Needed for Afghan Forces - Associated Press

Council's Dangerous Task: Reaching Out to Other Women - Associated Press

Afghan Universities Struggling for Funding - Washington Post


Pakistan Official Confident Talks Will Continue - Associated Press

Pakistani Prosecutors Accuse Musharraf - Associated Press

Pakistan Issues Arrest Warrant for Musharraf in Bhutto's Killing - Reuters


Egyptian Revolution Sparks Protest Movement in Iraq - Washington Post

Bomber Strikes Shiite Pilgrims' Bus in Iraq - New York Times

Suicide Bomber Kills 38, Wounds Dozens in Iraq - Reuters

We Could Still 'Lose' Iraq - Los Angeles Times opinion


Egypt and Iran; Different Looks at People Power - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Defense Warns of Crisis Over Funding - Washington Post

Marines Define Future Role Amid Budget Cuts - Associated Press

Powerful Drug Cocktails Have Deadly Results - New York Times

SEALs Help Test New Transition Eyewear - Navy Times

DADT Repeal Training to Include Combat Zones - Army Times

United States

The Return of Pushing Democracy - New York Times

Tea Party Declares War on Military Spending - The Guardian

A Patriot Act Surprise - New York Times editorial


Nato Seizes 'Pirate Mother Ship' off Somalia - BBC News

Danish Warship Frees Ship Hijacked by Pirates - Associated Press


14 Dead, Dozens Hurt in Mexico Violence - Associated Press

Bar Attack in Mexico's Guadalajara Kills Six - BBC News

Cuba Dissidents Maseda and Moya Released - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Ex-Philippine Military Chief who Shot Self Buried - Associated Press

Burma Junta Warns Against Disrupting 'Democracy' - Associated Press


Moscow Police Detain 14 Protesters - Associated Press

American Caught Up in Russia's Tangled Nets - Washington Post

Georgians Build Ties With Russian Caucasus - New York Times