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12 May SWJ Roundup

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Al Qaeda

Al-Qaida Warns of More Attacks - Voice of America

Evidence: Bin Laden Worked Like a Crime Boss - Washington Post

Journal Contains bin Laden's Thoughts on Killing Americans - Los Angeles Times

Diary: Bin Laden Eyed New Targets, Big Body Count - Associated Press

Couriers Enabled bin Laden to Hide - Washington Times

U.S. Militant Vows to Avenge bin Laden's Death - Associated Press

Saudi Police: 3 al-Qaida Members Surrender - Associated Press

Bin Laden Photos Available to Some Lawmakers - Associated Press


Pakistani Is Seeking Inquiry On U.S. Raid - New York Times

Pakistani Intelligence: Friend or Foe? - Associated Press

U.S. Terrorism Trial May Raise Tensions With Pakistan - Reuters

Demanding Answers From Pakistan - New York Times opinion

Now's the Time to push Pakistan - Washington Post opinion


Weak Afghan Army Raises Doubts Over Readiness - Washington Times

Taliban Resistance 'Under-estimated' by Britain - BBC News


Activists: Syrian Tanks, Troops Kill 19 People in South, West - Voice of America

Syrians Report Shelling of City and Mass Arrests - New York Times

Syrian Security Forces Kill at Least 18 - Washington Post

Syria Tanks 'Shell' Protest City of Homs - BBC News

Syrian Shelling Kills 18, Evokes 1982 Crackdown - Associated Press

Syria Loses Spot For U.N. Rights Panel - New York Times

Syria Sent Missing Al Jazeera Journalist to Iran - New York Times

Syria 'Deports al-Jazeera's Dorothy Parvaz to Iran' - BBC News

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Libyan Rebels Seize Control of Misurata's Airport - New York Times

Libyan Tebels Make Gains in Misurata - Washington Post

Libya Rebels 'Capture Misrata Airport' - BBC News

Rebels: Gadhafi Forces Pushed Back From Misrata - Associated Press

First Gaddafi Footage in Two Weeks - BBC News

U.N. Secretary-General Calls for Libya Cease-Fire - Voice of America

Lawmakers: Why Not Consulted Before Operation? - Stars and Stripes

IOM: Migrants Fleeing Libya Overwhelm Niger - Voice of America


At Least 9 Dead, Dozens Wounded in Violence Against Yemen Protesters - VOA

Forces Fire on Yemeni Protesters in 3 Cities - New York Times

Yemeni Forces Open Fire on Protesters - Washington Post

Yemeni Security Forces 'Kill Five at Protests' - BBC News

Witnesses: Yemeni Forces Fire on Protest March - Associated Press


Egyptian Islamist Calls for Tolerance of Coptic Christians - Voice of America

Egypt Moving to Reopen 48 Closed Churches - Associated Press

A Clash of Faiths in Egypt - Washington Post editorial


Iraqis to Talk About Asking Some U.S. Troops to Stay - New York Times

Maliki Seeks Consensus on U.S. Troops - Washington Post

PM Opens Door to Longer U.S. Troop Presence - Associated Press

Iraqi Unity Deal Looks Shaky Amid Feuding - Los Angeles Times

Al Qaida Jailbreak Attempt Was Inside Job - McClatchy Newspapers


New Signs of Power Struggle at Top Levels in Iran - Associated Press

Iran Tries to Circumvent Sanctions - Washington Post

Big Powers, Iran Spar Over Nukes - Associated Press

American Hikers Trial Unexpectedly Delayed - New York Times

Iran Delays Trial of U.S. Men Accused of Spying - Associated Press


Bahrain Fires Workers, Rights Group Says Detainee Tortured - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Palestinians' Fayyad Could Keep PM Job - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Beloved New Warriors on the Modern Battlefield - New York Times

Lawmakers U.S. Military Plans in Japan Unaffordable - Associated Press

SEAL Sleuths Expose Those Who've Faked Service - Associated Press

United States

Obama to Deliver Mideast Policy Address - Voice of America

Obama Seeks Reset in Arab World - New York Times

Measure Extends War Authority - Washington Times

Congress Urged to Increase Oversight of Peace Corps - New York Times

Families May Get to Visit Guantanamo - Washington Post

Why Torture Damages Us - Washington Post opinion


U.N. Cites More Groups Using Child Soldiers in Report - BBC News


Sudan: U.N. Peacekeepers Attacked in Abyei - BBC News

Fighting in S. Sudan Oil Area Kills 85 - Associated Press

Congo Study Sets Estimate for Rapes Much Higher - New York Times

DR Congo: '48 Rapes Every Hour' - BBC News

Nigerian Army Clashes With Militants in Oil Delta - Reuters


Reputed Drug Kingpin Makled Arraigned in Venezuela - Associated Press

Honduras ex-President Zelaya Wants to Return - BBC News

Ousted Leader Is Set to Return to Honduras - Associated Press

Honduran Police Kill 6 Suspected Drug Traffickers - Associated Press

Honduran Journalist Shot, Killed Outside His Home - Associated Press

Haiti Officials Reverse Contested Vote Results - Associated Press

U.N. Expects Fresh Haiti Cholera Outbreaks With Rains - Reuters

Asia Pacific

U.S., China Reach 'Milestone' Agreement - Washington Post

Japan Ponders Its New Normal - New York Times

N. Korea's Rebuffs S. Korea's Invitation to Summit - Associated Press

The Fallout for Chiding the Royals in Thailand - New York Times


Tide of Muslims Change E.U.'s Old Order - Washington Times

Panel Urges Germany to Close Nuclear Plants by 2021 - New York Times

Germany Raids Apartments of Suspected Militants - Reuters

Belarus Economic Crisis Deepens as Currency Plunges - New York Times

Enforcing Veil Ban, French Have Stopped 46 Violators - New York Times

South Asia

India Ruling Party Icon Arrested Over Protests - Reuters

'Big Sister' Set to Evict Communists From India - Reuters