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12 February SWJ Roundup

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Risks of Afghan War Shift From Soldiers to Contractors - NYT

In Afghanistan, a Soviet Past Lies in Ruins - NYT

Afghans Fret Flight of Hard Cash a Sign of Things to Come - Reuters

U.S. Can Live With an Afghan Loss - FP opinion



For Pakistan's Gilani, a Test of Loyalty - WP



Syrian Troops Move Into Several Districts in Homs - VOA

Syrian Forces Shell Homs Ahead of Arab Meeting - Reuters

Syrian General Is Killed by Gunmen in Damascus Ambush - NYT

Syrian General Assassinated in Damascus - LAT

General Assassinated in Damascus - WP

Signs Syrian Opposition Making Inroads in Damascus - AP

Arabs to Discuss Syria Escalation - BBC

Syria Tells Libya, Tunisia to Close Embassies - Reuters

Realist Reasons to Intervene in Syria - CSM editorial

What's Iran Up to in Syria? - DS editorial

Get Over Iraq and Intervene in Syria - TG opinion



Amid Unease, Iran Marks Anniversary of Islamic Revolution - LAT

India Defends Oil Purchases From Iran - NYT

Iran: 30 Million Lose Email Access - AP

Just Say No to an Iran Bargain - Haaretz opinion



Egyptian Activists Plan to Escalate Protests Against Military Rule - NYT

Egypt Stifles Pro-democracy Voices - WP

Dempsey Discusses Issues With Egypt’s Defense Leaders - AFPS

US General Discusses Crackdown With Egypt Ruler - AP

Top US General Discusses NGO Case in Cairo - Reuters

Low Turnout for 1st Anniversary of Mubarak's Ouster - VOA

Egypt Strike Fails to Make Impact - BBC

Egypt Detains Australian Journalist, US Student - Reuters

Egypt’s Never-Ending Revolution - NYT opinion

The Digital Road to Egypt’s Revolution - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Threats of War Cloud Hopes for Middle East - WP

Israel Bombs Gaza After Rocket Launch, Man Killed - Reuters

One Killed in Air Strikes on Gaza - BBC

Bahrain Expels 2 US Activists - VOA

Bahrain Reports: 2 American Activists Deported - AP

Libya Asks Niger to Extradite Qaddafi Son After Remarks - Reuters

Libya Asks Niger to Hand Over Gadhafi's Son - AP

Tunisian Secular Parties Merge to Face Islamists - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Panetta Provides Perspectives From Trip to NATO, Germany - AFPS

Marine’s Suicide is Only Start of Family’s Struggle - WP


United States

White House: US Deficit To Rise, Then Fall - VOA

Occupy Movement Regroups, Preparing for Its Next Phase - NYT

A High-Tech War on Leaks - NYT opinion



People Power Movements Rise in Sub-Saharan Africa - VOA

'Peace Pact' Signed by Two Sudans - BBC

Thousands Fleeing Mali Create Regional Strain - AP

Mali Sets April Deadline to Quell Rebellion - Reuters



Mob in Mexico Kills 3 Suspected Kidnappers - AP

Mexico Picks First Female Chief of Federal Police - Reuters

Three Mexico 'Kidnappers' Lynched - BBC

Venezuela Votes to Determine Hugo Chavez's Challenger - LAT

Colombia Seizes FARC Rebels' Explosives Cache - BBC

Guatemala Prez to Propose Legalizing Drugs - AP

Police in Brazil's Bahia End Strike Before Carnival - Reuters

Dominican Republic Police Target News Site in Raid - AP

Mystery Disease Kills Thousands in Central America - AP

Cuba: Fidel Castro Meets Intellectuals in 9-Hour Meeting - Reuters


Asia Pacific

China’s Political Heir Tries Introducing Himself to US - NYT

China Political Star Xi Jinping a Study in Contrasts - LAT

In China, Will Transition Bring Real Change? - WP

Reports: Tibetan Nun Sets Herself on Fire in China Protest - VOA

Thousands Rally Behind Suu Kyi on Burma Campaign Trail - VOA

Aung San Suu Kyi Campaigns for Burma Parliament - AP

Turkmen Leader Set for Easy Victory in Election - Reuters



Greek Leaders Push For Cuts Amid Backlash - VOA

Greek Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Approve Debt Deal - NYT

Greek PM Gives Final Euro Warning - BBC

Greek Leader Defends Bailout Deal - AP

Faces of Protest Are as Varied as Russia Itself - AP

Russia: Putin's Rivals Face Pressure, Biased Coverage - AP

Europe Takes to Streets Over ACTA - BBC


South Asia

Party in Maldives Rejects Offer of a Unity Coalition - NYT