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12 February SWJ Roundup


Mubarak Resigns - Voice of America

Egypt Erupts in Jubilation as Mubarak Steps Down - New York Times

Mubarak Steps Down, Jubilation in Cairo Streets - Washington Post

Euphoria in Cairo: 'The Tyrant is Gone' - Los Angeles Times

Egypt's Mubarak Resigns as Leader - BBC News

Crowds Rejoice as Egypt's Mubarak Steps Down - Washington Times

Egyptian Military Takes Control - Voice of America

Military Coup was Behind Mubarak's Exit - Associated Press

'Egypt is Free,' Crowds Chant After Mubarak Quits - Associated Press

Mubarak's End Came Quickly, Stunningly - Los Angeles Times

Egypt's Military Leaders Face Power Sharing Test - New York Times

Egyptians Express Faith in Military to Bring Democracy - Washington Post

Resignation Creates Vacuum for U.S. - Washington Post

U.S. Faces Critical Test of Influence on Egypt - Los Angeles Times

Obama Presses Egypt's Military on Democracy - New York Times

Obama: Egypt Will Never Be The Same - Voice of America

World Welcomes Mubarak Resignation - Voice of America

World Leaders Cheer but Remain Wary - New York Times

Quiet Worries as Israel Watches an Ally Depart - New York Times

Israelis Appear Relieved at Mubarak's Decision - Washington Post

Turns out CIA was Right About Mubarak Exit - Associated Press

Uncharted Ground After Stunning End of Egypt's Regime - New York Times

With Peace Egyptians Overthrow a Dictator - Washington Post

Hosni Mubarak Brought Stability to Egypt, At a Price - Voice of America

What It Was Like in Tahrir Square When Mubarak Resigned - VOA

Mubarak will be Remembered for How it Ended - Washington Post

Birthplace Of Uprising Welcomes Its Success - New York Times

Sharm el-Sheikh Long an Escape for Mubarak - Washington Post

Switzerland Freezes Any Assets Tied to Mubarak - Associated Press

Egypt's Challenge: Becoming a Democracy - Washington Post editorial

Egypt After Mubarak - Wall Street Journal editorial

Postcard From a Free Egypt - New York Times opinion

A Democratic Egypt - Washington Post opinion

Exit Mubarak - New York Times opinion

Egypt's Status Quo Stays - Washington Post opinion

Avoiding a New Pharaoh - New York Times opinion

What Is the Egyptian Military's New Role? - New York Times opinion

Middle East / North Africa

Fall of Mubarak Shakes Middle East - Wall Street Journal

Egypt's Historic Moment Spurs New Hope in Arab World - Washington Post

Celebrations Spread Across Middle East - Los Angeles Times

Arab Leaders, Facing Calls for Reform, Consider Next Move - New York Times

Jordan Angered by Articles on the Discontent of Tribes - New York Times


U.S. Troops: Afghan Police Slowly Making Progress - Associated Press

Afghan 'Supermarket Bomber' is Paraded in Public - BBC News

Afghan Guards Suspected Of Attacking S. Korea Base - Agence France-Presse

Soldier May Testify Against Comrades in Afghan Killings - New York Times

'Great Game' Seeks to Put Afghanistan Experience in Context - AFPS


Pakistan to Charge Detained American With Murder - Wall Street Journal

Pakistan Extends Jailing of American Held in 2 Deaths - New York Times

Pakistan Police: U.S. Shooter Committed 'Clear Murder' - Washingotn Post

Pakistan Accuses U.S. Staffer of 'Coldblooded Murder' - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Weighs Tougher Approach with Pakistan - Associated Press

Pakistan Rejects U.S. Diplomat's Self-Defense Claim - Voice of America

Pakistan: U.S. Diplomat Shot Pakistan Pair 'in Cold Blood' - BBC News

Pakistan Gets Smaller Cabinet in Austerity Effort - Associated Press


Iraq Refugees in U.S. Scrutinized for al-Qaida Links - Associated Press


Malware Was Aimed at Five Sites in Iran, Report Says - New York Times

Ahmadinejad says Egypt, Tunisia were inspired by Iran - Washington Post

Ahmadinejad: Egyptian Protests Herald New Mideast - Associated Press

Iran 'Arrests Activists' Ahead of Planned March - BBC News


Assange Extradition Ruling Expected Feb. 24 - Washington Post

WikiLeaks: U.S. Spied on NATO's Top Official - Associated Press

Julian Assange 'Secret' Sweden Rape Trial Claim Denied - BBC News

Sweden 'Toxic' for Assange, Lawyers Contend - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

From Pentagon, a Buy Rating on Contractors - New York Times

Gulf War Army Medical Records Destroyed - WTSP News

Marine Receives Navy Cross for Actions in Vietnam War - AFPS

United States

Intelligence Chief Says al-Qaida Still Greatest Threat - AFPS

Panetta: Intelligence Community Needs to Predict Uprisings - AFPS

U.S. Spy Sats, Intel Budget Eyed for Savings - Defense News

U.S., DOD Still Not Taking Cybersecurity Seriously - Stars and Stripes

National Space Security Strategy Outlines Rules of the Road - AFPS

Free Pollard? Never - Los Angeles Times opinion


South Sudan Clashes with Athor in Jonglei: '100 Dead' - BBC News

Southern Sudan Suffers a Blow as Fighting Ends a Truce - New York Times

105 Die in Fighting in Southern Sudan - Associated Press

Oil: Looming Challenge for Southern Sudan - Washington Post

Charles Taylor War Crimes Trial Extended in The Hague - BBC News


Mexico: Single Day's Death Toll in Ciudad Juarez is 18 - Los Angeles Times

Mexico Nabs Drug Cartel Boss Wanted in U.S. - Associated Press

Colombia's Farc Rebels Release Two More Hostages - BBC News

Brazil Police Arrested in Rio Corruption and Gang Purge - BBC News

Cuba Releases Political Prisoner Eduardo Diaz - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Russia, Japan Trade Insults Over Islands - Voice of America

Japan Foreign Minister in Moscow Amid Islands Row - BBC News

Thailand, Cambodia Border Fight Moves to U.N. - Voice of America

Somalia 'Pirates' Charged in Malaysia - BBC News

South Asia

India, Pakistan to Restart Wide-ranging Talks - Los Angeles Times

Nepal PM Khanal Appoints Three Ministers - BBC News