Small Wars Journal

11 August SWJ Roundup


Former CIA Director: Afghanistan Needs US Troops - AP

NATO Airstrike Kills Insurgents Who Caused Helicopter Crash - AFPS

Airstrike Kills Insurgents Who Shot Down US Helicopter - S&S

Taliban Militants Who Shot Down US Helicopter Killed in Airstrike - VOA

US Says Strike Killed Taliban Who Downed Copter - NYT

US Forces Kill Taliban Who Downed Helicopter - WP

US Kills Taliban who Downed SEALs' Helicopter - LAT

US Says Taliban Who Shot at US Helicopter Dead - BBC

Officials Plan to Release Chinook Casualties’ Names - AFPS

ISAF: Five Service Members Killed in Afghanistan - VOA

Bombs Kill 6 NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan - LAT

Five NATO Troops Killed by Roadside Bomb - BBC

Karzai Annuls Afghan Court Reviewing 2010 Polls - NYT

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS



Female Bombers Hit Pakistan Police at Blast Site  - AP

Pakistan Twin Blasts Kill Seven - BBC

Woman Bomber, Roadside Bomb Kill Seven in NW - Reuters



US Must Not Let Hezbollah Killer Escape Justice - WP editorial



UN Security Council Hears ‘Chilling’ Briefing on Syrian Crisis - VOA

12 Killed in Syria; International Community Denounces Violence  - VOA

Support for Assad Government Shows Signs of Weakening - NYT

US to Call for Assad’s Departure - WP

US Hits Syria with New Sanctions - BBC

British Official: Syrian Offensive ‘Brutal, Unwarranted - VOA

Chilling Video of Tanks in Hama - NYT

Syrian Troops Storm Town Near Turkish Border - AP

Syria's Crackdown Hits Ally Hezbollah's Image - AP

Stopping Syria’s Slaughter Starts with Obama - WP editorial


Middle East / North Africa

In Israel Protests, a Surprise Arab-inspired Taste - AP

Israel to OK 4,300 New Flats in East Jerusalem - AP

Lebanese Bomb Blast 'Kills Two' - BBC

Bomb Explodes North of Beirut; 1 Killed - AP

Syria's Crackdown Hits Ally Hezbollah's Image - AP

Saleh to Look at Restarting Yemeni Peace Plan - Reuters

Yemen General Wants Talks but Ready to 'Break Necks' - Reuters

Libya Denies Gadhafi's Son Dead - VOA

US Pro-democracy Effort Rubs Many in Egypt Wrong Way - LAT

US Troubled by Rising anti-Americanism in Egypt - AP


US Department of Defense

US Soldier Gets Life for Slaying Sergeants in Iraq - AP

'Ouija Board' Being Phased Out on Navy Carriers - S&S


United States

Markets Erase Gains, Dow Loses 519 Points - VOA

US Lawmakers Announce Budget Committee Choices - VOA

Financial Turmoil Evokes Comparison to 2008 Crisis - NYT

Peter King Queries Bin Laden Film White House Access - BBC


United Kingdom

PM Declares 'Fightback' Against Rioters, Approves Water Cannons - VOA

Cameron to Spell Out UK Riot Plans - BBC

Britain Turns to Reckoning With Rioters - NYT

Cameron: ‘We Will Not Put Up With This’ - WP

London Police Raiding Houses Over UK Riots - AP

British Police Out in Force as Violence Subsides - AP

British Riots Test PM Cameron's Mettle - Reuters

Britain's Rioters: Young, Poor and Disillusioned - AP

Militants Urge British Rioters to Topple System - AP

Ahmadinejad Urges UN to React on Britain Riot - AP

UK Tells Iran Happy to Talk Human Rights - Reuters



Aid Officials: Not the Time to Cut U.S. Food Aid - Reuters

US Relies on Contractors in Somalia Conflict - NYT

UN: More Somalis Seeking Refuge from Famine in Kenya - VOA

UN: Somalia Militants Weakened, Could Regroup - Reuters

Civil War Legacy Part of Liberia's Presidential Campaign - VOA

Uganda Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Protesters - AP

Gbagbo Son Charged in Ivory Coast - BBC



Colombia Arrests Key Mexico Cartel 'Money Launderer' - BBC

Police Cells Fill as Venezuela Halts Prison Intake - AP


Asia Pacific

China Test-drives First Aircraft Carrier - WP

China Begins Sea Trials of Its First Aircraft Carrier - NYT

China's First Aircraft Carrier Begins Sea Trials - AP

Chinese Media Minimizes Military Value of Aircraft Carrier - VOA

Taiwan Hails Missile as 'Aircraft Carrier Killer' - AP

China Releases Dissident Blogger, With Conditions - NYT

New Shelling Reported in Disputed Korean Waters -VOA

Koreas Exchange Fire in Yellow Sea - WP

South Korea Returns Fire After Shots From North - NYT

North Korea Disputes South's Artillery Claim - AP

Philippines Acts on MILF Infighting - BBC

Indonesia Nets Bali Bombs Suspect - BBC

Bali Bombing Suspect Extradited to Indonesia - AP

France Blasts Vietnam for Jailing Citizen for Blog - AP

Burma Govt Appoints Team to Spread Information - AP



European Markets Rally Day After Major Drop - WP


South Asia

India's Parliament Stalls as Major Issues Await - AP