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10 December SWJ Roundup

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Afghanistan Considering Peace Plan that Increases Pakistan’s Role - McClatchy

For Afghan Forces, Retaking ‘Road of Martyrs’ From Taliban Was Priority - VOA

US-led Coalition: US Doctor Rescued From Taliban - VOA

Afghan and Coalition Forces Rescue US Doctor Kidnapped by Taliban - NYT

US Soldier Dies in Afghan Rescue - BBC

One Afghanistan Raid, Two Stories - WP opinion



Syrian Violence Spreads Again, Islamists Make Gains in North - VOA

Fighting Drives an Old Sense of Peace From Damascus - NYT

In Turkish Border Town, Syrian Refugees Plan for New Future - WP

For Iran, Unrest in Syria Is Noise, Not Brutal War - NYT

Watching Syria Descend - WP opinion

Arming Syrian Rebels in US Interest - LAT opinion

If You Thought Benghazi Was Bad, Watch Syria - Time opinion

What Will Obama Do About Syria's WMD? - Slate opinion



Egyptian Opposition Rejects Morsi's Planned Referendum - VOA

Morsi’s Concessions Fail to Quiet His Opponents in Egypt - NYT

In Egypt, Opposition Remains Defiant - WP

Draft Charter Stirs Worst Clashes Since Mubarak - WT

Egypt Opposition Shuns Morsi Move - BBC

Egypt Opposition Urges More Protests - AP

Islamist-Leaning Draft Constitution Divides Egypt - AP

Dangerous Battle to Unseat Egypt's Morsi - TG editorial

Egypt’s Revolution Marches On - WP opinion

In Egypt, the Amateurs Are in Charge - DS opinion

Our Man in Cairo - WP opinion

Egypt's Predictable Unraveling - NR opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel’s Netanyahu Accuses Hamas of Calling for Israel’s ‘Destruction’ - VOA

Israel Grows Jittery of New Palestinian Uprising - AP

Palestinian President Appeals for Urgent Arab Aid - AP

More Syria-Linked Gun Battles Reported in Lebanon's Tripoli - VOA

Syrian Sectarian Fighting Spills Into Lebanon - WP

Sectarian Conflict Kills at Least 17 in Northern Lebanon in Spillover - NYT

Syria's Civil War Spills into Lebanon, 4 Dead - AP

US Committed to Keeping Naval Hub in Bahrain, McCain Says - AP

Yemen Tribal Officials: Attacks Kill 4 Militants - AP

Libya: US Knew for Years of Benghazi Extremism - WT

Hamas is Failing the Palestinians - TN editorial

Inventing Democracy - NYT opinion

Obama Can't Blame Israel for Palestine - WT opinion

The Full Israeli Experience - NYT opinion

Palestine's Stubborn State of Mind - Commentator opinion

After the Arab Spring - LAT opinion

Obama Lacks Resolve to Tackle Iran - NYT opinion

Iran's Faux Election Reforms - RFE opinion


US Department of Defense

Special Operations Growth Expected After Iraq and Afghanistan - FO

Military Trains a New Generation of Munitions Experts - NYT

Advisor: Testing on USMC F-35 Not Over Yet - TS

Sequestration Spotlights Real Defense Abuses - WT opinion

Post-9/11 Wars Have Taken Toll on US Military - NP opinion

The Military’s Epidemic of Suicide - WP opinion


United States

Obama, Boehner Meet Face-to-Face on ‘Fiscal Cliff’ - WP

Obama and Boehner Talk About Deficits at the White House - NYT

Clinton to Testify on Hill About Benghazi Report - WT

Socialite to Sound Off on Petraeus Scandal? - PI

Checking the Costs of Homeland Security - NYT editorial

Susan Rice and Africa’s Despots - NYT opinion

Understanding Immigration Reform - NYT opinion



AU, Somali Troops Capture Rebel Stronghold - VOA

Somali Militants Lose Key Town - BBC

Talks Between Congo Government and Rebels Open - AP

South Sudan Army Kills Protesters - BBC

President Declared Ghana Winner - BBC

Ghana's President Declared Election Winner - AP

Nigerian Minister's Mother Seized - BBC

Nigerian Finance Minister's Mother Kidnapped - AP

Senegal's Casamance Rebels Free 8 Army Prisoners - AP

South Africa’s Mandela 'Comfortable' After Night in Hospital - VOA

Mandela 'Looks Well' in Hospital - BBC

South Africa at Crossroads as Mandela Hospitalized - AP

Mali’s Link to Terrorism - WP editorial



Venezuela’s Chavez Headed to Cuba for 4th Cancer Surgery - WP

Venezuela’s Chavez Needs Cancer Surgery - BBC

Venezuela Snapshot: Chavez's Designated Successor - AP


Asia / Pacific

A New Chinese Leader Who Harks Back to an Old Idea - NYT

Chinese Police Accuse Monk of Inciting Immolations - AP

Search, Recovery Continue After Philippines Typhoon - VOA

Many Still Missing in Philippines - BBC

US Navy Sends 2 More Warships for N. Korean Missile Launch - WT

South Korea, the ‘Republic of Samsung’ - WP

North Korea: There They Go Again - JT editorial



Georgia Details Nuke Black Market Investigations - AP

Germany: Rival to Merkel Officially Seeking Her Job - NYT

Challenger: Merkel Isolating Germany in Europe - AP

French Official: 'Kind of Racism' in Corsica Bombs - AP

Romanian Ruling Alliance Set for Majority in Parliament - VOA

Romanian Ruling Party 'Wins Vote' - BBC

Protest of Peace Prize for EU Turns Local - NYT

Europe's Extremist Threat Is Criminal - G&M opinion


South Asia

Pakistan's Largest City Rocked by Wave of Violence - AP

US Drone Strike Kills a Commander for Al Qaeda in Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan Says US Drone Kills Senior al-Qaida Leader - AP

3 Killed in US Drone Strike in Pakistan - VOA

Police, Ruling Party Activists Clash with Protesters in Bangladesh - VOA

Bangladesh Police Clash With Opposition Protesters - AP

Economist Magazine Faces Contempt in Bangladesh - AP