Small Wars Journal

1 September SWJ Roundup


Obama: Time To Turn The Page On Iraq - Voice of America

Obama Says Iraq Combat Mission Is Over - New York Times

'Time to Turn the Page' on the Iraq War - Washington Post

Obama Marks End of Iraq Combat - Los Angeles Times

Obama Sees Iraq Vow Fulfilled - Washington Times

Pushing Onward to Other Battles - Boston Globe

Obama Says 'Time to Turn the Page' on Iraq - San Francisco Chronicle

Obama: U.S. Combat in Iraq Over; Time to 'Turn the Page' - USA Today

Obama on End of U.S. Combat in Iraq - BBC News

Obama Makes Oval Office Speech to End Iraq Fighting - Daily Telegraph

Obama Marks End of Iraq Combat Mission - Voice of America

Obama Tells Troops, 'Our Task in Iraq Is Not Yet Over' - New York Times

Obama Thanks Servicemembers for Iraq War Contributions - AFPS

Gates: No Victory Celebration for Iraq as Mission Changes - Voice of America

Iraq Has Chance Now, Thanks to U.S. Servicemembers - AFPS

Biden Visits Iraq to Mark Operation New Dawn - AFPS

Biden Meets with Top Iraqi Politicians - Washington Post

Gates Arrives in Iraq as Combat Mission Ends - Associated Press

PM Says Iraq Independent After U.S. Combat Role Ends - Associated Press

Iraqi Commanders Say They Are Ready to Handle Security - Voice of America

Iraq's Citizens Move Forward with Uncertainty - Washington Post

Iraq Hails Sovereignty as U.S. Departs - Reuters

A Fragile Turning Point - New York Times

Reflections on Iraq: A Vacuum of Authority - New York Times

Analysis: Has Iraq War Really Ended for Obama, U.S.? - Associated Press

Few Iraqis Have a Clear View of the Future - New York Times

Iraqis Judge America's Seven Years in Their Country - New York Times

Does Bush Deserve More Credit for Iraq? - Washington Times

Troops, Families Glad to Hear End to Iraq Combat - Associated Press

Iraq to Spend $13B on U.S. Arms, Equipment - USA Today

A Colleague Killed, a Conversation Cut Short - New York Times

''Tony Blair: I Cried for Iraq War Victims'' - Associated Press

Combat, Hardship Pays Remain for Troops Serving in Iraq - AFPS

The War in Iraq - New York Times editorial


Gates Hails Shift in Focus to Afghanistan - Washington Post

Petraeus: Taliban Footprint 'Spreading' - Agence France-Presse

'Tough Slog' Remains Ahead in Afghanistan - AFPS

Gates: Commanders Have Resources to Win in Afghanistan - AFPS

Corruption Probe Ruffles U.S.-Afghan Relations - Associated Press

Five More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan - Voice of America

Five U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan - Washington Post

U.S. Troop Deaths in Afghan War Up Sharply - Washington Post

Bomb Attacks Kill Twenty-one U.S. Soldiers in 48 Hours - Daily Telegraph

Officials Confirm Capture of Insurgent Leader - AFPS

Bomb Attack Kills Afghan Muslim Religous Leader - Associated Press

Afghan Authorities Take Over Biggest Bank to Avoid Meltdown - Washington Post

Afghan Government Moves to Bolster Leading Bank - New York Times

Afghan Ambassador His Post in Washington - Washington Post


Pakistani Military Delegation Heads Home in Protest - Washington Post

Pakistan Army Cancels U.S. Trip Amid Search Dispute - Associated Press

Pakistan Army Cancels U.S. Talks Over Security Checks - Reuters

U.N. Heads Appeal for More Pakistan Flood Relief - Voice of America

Pakistani Implores World to Help after Floods - Washington Times

Pakistani Jets Target Militant Hideouts, 45 Killed - Associated Press

Pakistan Raids Kill 45 Militants, Family Members - Reuters

Flood Relief is in America's Strategic Interest - Washington Post editorial


Newspaper Reiterates Remarks about French First Lady - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

Gates Talks Pentagon Reform with American Legion - AFPS

United States

Confronting Multiple Problems, Obama Faces Tough Odds - New York Times

Appeals Court Backs Away From War Powers Ruling - New York Times

Guantanamo Trial of Canadian to Resume in October - Associated Press

New York Imam: Mosque Fight About Muslim Role - Associated Press

Muslims Debate FBI Presence at Mosques - Washington Post

Loosening of Controls on Exports Draws Fire - Washington Times

Signs in Arizona Warn of Smuggler Dangers - Washington Times

U.S., Netherlands Investigate Possible Airline Terror Plot - Voice of America

Terror Probe May be False Alarm - Washington Post

Terrorist Ties Doubted in Amsterdam Arrests - New York Times

Annual Rankings of Federal Workplaces - Washington Post


Aid Groups Say S. Sudan Soldiers Target Aid Workers - Associated Press

Floods In South Sudan Leave Nearly 60,000 Homeless - Reuters

Zimbabwe Suspends Use of Own Currency - Voice of America

Academic Tackles Chaos of Elections in Nigeria - New York Times

U.N.: Perpetrators of DRC Gang Rapes Must Be Brought to Justice - VOA

U.N. E-Mail Shows Early Warning of Congo Rapes - New York Times

Legacy of Genocide Fuels Political Repression in Rwanda - Voice of America

Rwanda Threatens to Pull Peacekeepers From Darfur - New York Times

Burundi's 'Peace Village' a Unique Effort to Reconcile Ethnic Groups - VOA

Ex-Islamists Walk Free From Libyan Jail - Reuters

Americas and Caribbean

Arrested Mexican Drug Lord May Face U.S. Extradition - Voice of America

Mexico Drug Lord Suspect May Yield Information - Los Angeles Times

Captured Mexican Drug Lord Knew Top Capos - Associated Press

72 Dead Migrants Found in Mexico Tip of Iceberg - Associated Press

8 Dead in Fire Bombing at Bar in Mexican Resort of Cancun - Associated Press

Venezuela Hunger Striker's Death Angers Chavez Foes - Reuters

Drilling in Progress to Save Chilean Miners - Voice of America

Trapped Chilean Miners Forge Refuge - New York Times

Chile: On Ice and in Space, Lessons for Miners - Washington Post

Asia Pacific

China Pushes New Talks with North Korea - Washington Post

N. Korea Seeks Stronger Ties With China - Reuters

In Rural Thailand, an Unappeased Opposition Bides Its Time - New York Times

Philippine Massacre Trial Adjourned Again - Associated Press

Central Asia

In Central Asia, a New Headache for U.S. Policy - Washington Post


France Mounts Defense of Its Deportation of Roma - New York Times

Middle East

U.S. Launches New Mideast Peace Talks - Voice of America

Direct Talks Between Israeli and Palestinian Leaders to Begin - Washington Post

Clinton Confers With Leaders on Mideast Peace Push - Reuters

Obama's Mideast Push Clouded By West Bank Attack - Reuters

Four Israelis Dead in West Bank Shooting - Voice of America

4 Israelis Shot Dead in West Bank - Washington Post

4 Israelis Killed in West Bank as Peace Summit Nears - Los Angeles Times

Killing of Israeli Settlers Rattles Leaders - New York Times

Hamas: 150 Members Arrested in Wake of Shooting - Associated Press

Israeli Settlers to Resume West Bank Construction - Associated Press

You Ain't Seen This Before - New York Times opinion

A Peace Plan Within Our Grasp - New York Times opinion