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1 December SWJ Roundup


Clinton Seeks More European Help in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Chilling 'Night Letters' from Taliban Intimidate Afghans - Stars and Stripes

Taliban Kidnap Demining Team in East Afghanistan - Associated Press

Coalition Ramps Up Air War Over Afghanistan - Associated Press

Officials Confirm Death of Taliban Leader - American Forces Press Service

Afghan Killer Was Trusted Policeman - New York Times

More Prison Space Being Built to Accommodate Insurgents - Stars and Stripes

Afghan Prison Guards 'Fully Trained,' Commander Says - AFPS


Pakistan Seeks Life Imprisonment for 5 Americans - Associated Press

Korean Peninsula

U.S.: China 'Obligated' to Press North Korea to End 'Belligerence' - VOA

China Urges Dialogue to Resolve Korea Tensions - Voice of America

China Pushes for Talks on N. Korea Tensions - Associated Press

U.S. and South Korea Balk at Talks With North - New York Times

U.S. and South Korea Conclude Military Exercises - New York Times

South Korea and U.S. 'Plan More Drills' - BBC News

South Korea Plans New Drills as China Avoids Blaming North - Reuters

Threat Level Low, No Plans to Evacuate Families in S. Korea - Stars and Stripes

North Korea Claims Major Advance in Nuclear Program - Voice of America


Anxiety Along Iraq's Border with Iran - Washington Post

Iraq: Moments of Release - New York Times


Experts Cast Doubt on Iran Missile Cache - Washington Post

E.U.: Iran Agrees to Talks on Nuclear Program - Voice of America

Date Set for Nuclear Talks With Iran - New York Times

U.S. Announces New Sanctions Against Iran - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Hits Iran with New Sanctions - Associated Press

Iran's Military Looks to the Sky as New Priority -

Tensions High on Anniversary of Iran-U.A.E. Islands Row - VOA


WikiLeaks, Round Three - Small Wars Journal (post-release)

SWJ Wikileaks Roundup - Small Wars Journal (pre-release)

U.S. Department of Defense

Review of the Issues Associated with a Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - DOD

DOD Releases 'Don't Ask' Repeal Implementation Plan - AFPS

DOD DADT Report: Little Risk to Allowing Gays to Serve Openly - Washington Post

Pentagon Sees Little Impact if Ban on Gays Is Repealed - New York Times

Gates, Mullen Endorse Working Group's Report - American Forces Press Service

Leaders Can Pave Way for Openly Gay Troops, General Says - AFPS

DADT Study Reveals Pockets of Significant Opposition - Stars and Stripes

Front-line Fighters Wary of Repealing 'Don't Ask' - Washington Times

Why 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Isn't Over Yet - Newsweek

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Report Authors Speak Out - Washington Post

DADT: The Pentagon, Pursuing Justice - New York Times editorial

Pentagon Report Should Quell Fear - Washington Post editorial

What Gays and Straights Both Seek to Affirm - Washington Post opinion

United States

2 Republicans Hint at Hope for Russia Pact - New York Times

GOP Senators Signal Progress on Nuclear Treaty - Associated Press

Terror Cases Strain Ties With Some Who Can Help - New York Times

U.S. Takes Over Airline Passenger Checks - New York Times


Delay in Ballot Printing for Sudan January Referendum - Voice of America

Ivory Coast Tension over Run-off Result Delay - BBC News

Opposition Cries Foul at Ivory Coast Poll Result Delay - Reuters

Ugandan Leader Raps Up Campaign - Washington Times

Ethnic Group Targeted After Guinea Election - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

Mexico Arrests La Familia Drug Gang Figure - Los Angeles Times

Mexico Grabs Alleged Leader of La Familia Gang - Associated Press

Mexico Drug War: Texas Will Fight Back - Washington Times opinion

Brazil Troops to Stay in Rio Slum - Los Angeles Times

Post-Election Violence Reported in Haitian Town - Associated Press

Haiti After the Vote - New York Times editorial

Asia Pacific

China Bars U.S. From American Geologist's Appeal - New York Times

China Arrests Hundreds Of Hackers, Says Situation "Grim" - Reuters

Indonesia's Islamic Laws are 'Abusive', Report Says - BBC News

Central Asia

Clinton Presses Issue of Human Rights in Central Asia - Voice of America

In Central Asia, Clinton Defends Openness - New York Times


Russia: Medvedev Urges Cooperation on Missile Shield - New York Times

Medvedev Sees New Arms Race if Cooperation Fails - Washington Post

Russia: Medvedev Warns of New Arms Race - BBC News

Secret Talks with Russia Focused on Missile Defense - Washington Times

Russia's Putin Warns West Over Missile Defense - Reuters

Middle East

PM Says Palestinians Ready for Statehood by August - Associated Press

U.S. Condemns Palestinian Report on Western Wall - Reuters

Egypt's Ruling Party Wins Most Parliament Seats - Los Angeles Times

First Round of Voting Ousts Islamists From Egypt's Parliament - New York Times

Egypt's Islamists Say They Might Withdraw From Vote - Reuters

Egypt's Ruling Party Wins Most Seats in 1st Round - Associated Press

Egypt's Ruling Party Heads to Sweeping Vote Win - Reuters

U.S. Disappointed by Reports of Egypt Poll Irregularities - VOA

South Asia

Indian Prime Minister Singh's Image Taking Hits - Washington Post

New Arrivals Strain India's Cities to Breaking Point - New York Times

Sri Lankan War Zone Declared Wildlife Sanctuary - Associated Press