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‘Killing, Dying and Suffering Indelibly Marked Us All’

‘Killing, Dying and Suffering Indelibly Marked Us All’ by Joseph L. Galloway, Special to Stars and Stripes

Joseph Galloway, 73, is a veteran war correspondent who did four stints in Vietnam, including a 16-month tour in 1965, during which he covered the pivotal Battle of Ia Drang Valley. Despite being a civilian, Galloway was awarded a Bronze Star with “V” device for valor by the Army for rescuing a badly wounded soldier under fire.

Galloway went on to cover conflicts across the world, including the first Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War. He is the co-author of the acclaimed Vietnam War book “We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young,” which was the basis for the movie “We Were Soldiers.”

The following is his account from the Battle of Ia Drang Valley…

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