The Washington Post

The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and was founded in 1877, making it the area's oldest extant newspaper.

"There are five counterterrorism approaches that have worked well over the past two decades. The next administration should embrace them, while adapting policy to new conditions."

"The Obama administration is considering how to respond. As in most strategic debates, there’s a split between hawks and doves."

“It is a phenomenon that is anathema to me. It runs counter to everything that any of us whoever entered special operations know [is] the right way to do business.”

"The Pentagon and intelligence community are expected to recommend soon to President Obama that he break up the joint leadership of the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command."

"The flow of foreign fighters to the ranks of the IS, once a mighty current of thousands of radicalized men and women from nations across the globe, has been cut to a trickle this year."

“For Afghan infantry troops who bear the brunt of the war, just getting enough food, rest and ammunition can be a challenge on long deployments.”