The Washington Post

The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and was founded in 1877, making it the area's oldest extant newspaper.

"The modest number of U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan operate with one hand tied behind their backs — at a time when Afghan forces are struggling."

"He gave only glancing mention to America’s longest war, one whose conclusion Obama once touted among his chief foreign policy accomplishments."

“The secretive history of U.S. manhunts in Latin America.”

“The administration is creating a new counter-terrorism task force as part of a broader overhaul to combat the online propaganda of the Islamic State and other terror groups.”

“Buried in the 2,009 pages of the recently passed omnibus appropriations bill is what could be President Obama’s most significant counterterrorism contribution to date.”

“Thomas would be the third former JSOC commander in a row to head up SOCOM; the last time a career Green Beret held the post was more than 15 years ago.”