The Modern War Institute

The Modern War Institute (MWI) is a research center at West Point devoted to the rigorous study of contemporary conflict by convening interdisciplinary panels and speaker forums, providing rigorous policy-relevant research, and educating our future leaders on how to win on the modern battlefield.

Dumping large sums of money into solutions that have provided no relief will only weaken the current state.

“The metaphorical Strategy Bridge links resources and power to policy and purpose. This is, indeed, an exceptional metaphor, if one describes strategy as a product…”

A Look at Urban Warfare in the Syrian City of Aleppo - A Modern War Institute podcast with Dr. Rodger Shanahan, Research Fellow, Lowy Institute.

Modern War Institute Podcast: Are We Headed for Limited War? With Dr. Jakub Grygiel.

"Is it still a useful or even relevant way for junior officers to think about the U.S. Army as a global force prepared to win in an increasing complex world?"

A MWI Contemporary Battlefield Assessment – Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Study of Urban Conflict and Multinational Operations