The Modern War Institute

The Modern War Institute (MWI) is a research center at West Point devoted to the rigorous study of contemporary conflict by convening interdisciplinary panels and speaker forums, providing rigorous policy-relevant research, and educating our future leaders on how to win on the modern battlefield.

“The only one way to make MDB both effective and a reality: Eliminate the independent services.”

"For military planners, the appeal of concrete barriers during an urban COIN campaign is clear."

“Our national security focus and increasingly prevailing wisdom suggest the international system may be returning to an era of great power war. Except, it is not.”

“There has been a recent wave of fretting about our inability to train foreign militaries; one attempt to address this has been the establishment of new ‘Advise and Assist’...

"In a COIN environment where the population is the center of gravity, access to the entire population is an obvious necessity for operational success."

"How can we study modern warfare through the lens of culture?"