The Atlantic

The Atlantic is an American magazine, founded (as The Atlantic Monthly) in 1857 in Boston, Massachusetts, now based in Washington, D.C. It was created as a literary and cultural commentary magazine, growing to achieve a national reputation as a high-quality review with a moderate worldview. The magazine has notably recognized and published new writers and poets, as well as encouraged major careers.

“America cannot punish its elected officials for allowing its military, diplomatic corps, and intelligence services to take risks necessary to pursue its interests.”

“The trope posits an overly simplistic understanding of jihadist radicalization, and demeans Muslims in general.”

“The president-elect’s plans to defeat ISIS will rely heavily on elite soldiers already on the verge of burnout.”

"The strike that killed Mansour crossed numerous lines that have constrained America’s fight with the Taliban, and its drone war in Pakistan."

“If Russia’s military adventure unravels, what happens next?”

“The president has a more realistic and tragic understanding of the dysfunctions afflicting Islam than his critics acknowledge.”