Robert Haddick

Robert Haddick is a contractor at U.S. Special Operations Command. From January 2009 to September 2012 he was Managing Editor of Small Wars Journal. During this time, he wrote the “This Week at War” column for Foreign Policy. Haddick was a U.S. Marine Corps officer, served in the 3rd and 23rd Marine Regiments, and deployed to Asia and Africa. He has advised the State Department, the National Intelligence Council, and U.S. Central Command.

In the private sector, Haddick was Director of Research at the Fremont Group, a large private investment firm and an affiliate of the Bechtel Corporation. He established the firm's global proprietary trading operation and was president of one of Fremont's overseas investment subsidiaries.

In addition to Foreign Policy and Small Wars Journal, Haddick's writing has been published in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Air & Space Power Journal, and other publications. He has appeared in many radio and television interviews.

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Four reasons why -- this time -- you should believe the hype about Israel attacking Iran.

The U.S. pivot to Asia could give the military alliance a chance to find a new identity.

This week, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta rolled out the Pentagon's post-COIN budget. He's taking the military to the high-tech future Donald Rumsfeld had in mind in 2001.

The Vietnam War seared the issue of MIAs into America's culture.  Writing for Time Magazine, Marine Captain Bingham Jamison asks us not to forget about the newest MIAs.

The new Joint Operational Access Concept is a good start on the anti-access/area denial problem. But challenges remain, not least the linkage to war termination and stable endstates.

In my Foreign Policy column, I discuss whether Iran's missile-centric strategy could eventually shred the assumptions U.S. military planners have relied on for decades.