Robert Bunker

Dr. Robert J. Bunker holds degrees in political science, government, behavioral science, social science, anthropology-geography, and history. Training taken includes that provided by DHS, FLETC, DIA, Cal DOJ, Cal POST, LA JRIC, NTOA, and private security entities in counter-terrorism, counter-surveillance, incident-response, force protection, and intelligence. Dr. Bunker has been involved in red teaming and counter-terrorism exercises and has provided operations support within Los Angeles County.

Call to Create OAS Inter-American Commission against Transnational Organized Crime - OAS Press Release.

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In cooperation with Borderland Beat, InSight Crime, & Small Wars Journal— El Centro.

Books & Monographs on Intelligence Agencies, the Intelligence Process and Intelligence Analytic Methods that Contribute to Improving Terrorism and Counterterrorism Analysis.

James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University Blog w/ Houston Chronicle. Five Small Wars Journal El Centro fellows provide op-eds.

How Caribbean Organized Crime is Replacing the State by Lillian Bobea, InSight Crime. "In Caribbean countries criminal groups have established clear-cut alliances with political parties and...