Robert Bunker

Dr. Robert J. Bunker holds degrees in political science, government, behavioral science, social science, anthropology-geography, and history. Training taken includes that provided by DHS, FLETC, DIA, Cal DOJ, Cal POST, LA JRIC, NTOA, and private security entities in counter-terrorism, counter-surveillance, incident-response, force protection, and intelligence. Dr. Bunker has been involved in red teaming and counter-terrorism exercises and has provided operations support within Los Angeles County.

Drug Traffickers Threaten Central America's Democratic Gains by Elliott Abrams, Washington Post.

Helicopter Gunships Used in Mexico Resort Battle - AP via ABC

“Narco Cultura,” a documentary by Israeli photojournalist Saul Schwarz, is billed on as “an explosive look at Mexican drug cartels’ cultural influence on both sides of the...

Univision Video: In Sinaloa, A Cemetery Dominated by Narcos.

Mexico’s Petit Révolution: Justice and Security Implications of Approving a Fully New Code of Judicial Procedures by Viridiana Rios, Wilson Center.

Up until recently, weapons that provide for armor and bunker defeat capability at the levels that the RPG-29 is capable of, have not been seen in the hands of the Mexican cartels.