Robert Bunker

Dr. Robert J. Bunker holds degrees in political science, government, behavioral science, social science, anthropology-geography, and history. Training taken includes that provided by DHS, FLETC, DIA, Cal DOJ, Cal POST, LA JRIC, NTOA, and private security entities in counter-terrorism, counter-surveillance, incident-response, force protection, and intelligence. Dr. Bunker has been involved in red teaming and counter-terrorism exercises and has provided operations support within Los Angeles County.

Mexican Cartel Strategic Note No. 17: Civil Self-Defense Groups Have Emerged in 11 Mexican States

Mexican Cartel Strategic Note No. 16: Recent Santa Muerte Spiritual Conflict Trends

The authors urge the U.S. to revisit the concept of hemispheric defense and develop and execute a new military strategy that will help maintain stability and prosperity in Latin America.

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Drug Traffickers Threaten Central America's Democratic Gains by Elliott Abrams, Washington Post.

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