Patrick Duggan

COL Patrick Duggan is a career Special Forces Officer, participating in both invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and commanding combat and operational deployments across the Middle East and Asia.  He is a designated Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP), and has authored numerous articles about Cyber-Operations, to include the 2015 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Strategic Research and National Security Paper, "Strategic Development of Special Warfare in Cyberspace."

Modern warfare is founded on networks and tactical cyber and electromagnetic activities (CEMA) provide critical keyholes to unlocking their cognitive spaces.

Operationalizing cyber is not about linear thinking and lines of operation.

Every SOF practitioner will be required to understand the basics of cyberspace, computers, and coding because they’ll need those skills to conduct cyber special operations.

Man-machine teaming is inexorable and Special Warfare needs a blueprint to transform along with it.