Kyle R. Brady

Kyle R. Brady is a security-oriented academic with a primary interest in contextualizing security concerns, which he currently explores as a postgraduate student at King’s College London in the Department of War Studies.  He also holds a Masters in Homeland Security from Pennsylvania State University with foci on terrorism, public administration, and emergency management, as well as a Bachelors in Political Science from San Jose State University with interests in international relations and political theory.

All of Kyle’s work can be found online through and his research can be tracked through; he can be reached by email at or, on Twitter as @KyleBradyOnline and @KRBReads, or on Facebook as /KyleBradyOnline; and he occasionally blogs at

The use and threat of American military force (hard power) has substantially increased, while diplomatic and socioeconomic efforts (soft power) have been notably marginalized.

These attacks can be executed with very little planning, no training, no funding, and no preparation, which makes them quick, easy, and deadly.

What is the role of allies and alliances in the modern era?  There are four choices for Western governments.