Jon Watkins

Jon Watkins is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Dignitas Technologies LLC.  He has 25 years of applied experience related to modeling and simulation applications, with a specific focus on terrain databases, database generation, terrain services, dynamic terrain, and entity-level movement control algorithms.  Mr. Watkins has worked with the modeling and simulation terrain formats and/or services for many Army simulation systems (such as SIMNET, ModSAF/OTB, CCTT, JSIMS/WARSIM, OneSAF, Common Driver Trainer).  Mr. Watkins presently supports a wide range of constructive and virtual programs, including major programs and research efforts related to Synthetic Natural Environments, terrain representations, terrain reasoning, weather/ocean, and simulation and training.

The latest in the TRADOC G-2 / SWJ Mad Scientist call for papers series.