James Torrence

Captain James Torrence was the Army recipient of the 2013 Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Information Technology Leadership award (with decisive bravery) and a recipient of the 2014 General Douglas MacArthur Leadership award. He has deployed to Afghanistan twice as a battalion S6, and commanded a strategic signal company while assigned to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium. He has three Master of Science degrees, and is completing his fourth in cybersecurity.

The risks of Wi-Fi hotspots are compounded when users do not understand how Wi-Fi networks work, and thus do not comprehend the risks associated with connecting to a free hotspot.

The dangers of spear phishing and why it is the most important topic on which an organizational cybersecurity education program should focus.

Equipment that relies on GPS coordinates is highly susceptible to being spoofed, jammed, or the subject of malicious interference.

This is not an all-inclusive how-to guide to developing a learning institution, but should serve as a springboard for any leader looking at taking their organization in a positive direction.