James Emery

Dr. James Emery is a cultural anthropologist, who has covered insurgencies, terrorism, narcotics trafficking, corruption, and political events in Afghanistan, and around the world, for thirty years. He has worked with and against insurgencies, from making numerous trips into Afghanistan with the mujahideen during the Soviet occupation, and working with tribal groups in Southeast Asia, to countering terrorists, insurgents, and narcotics traffickers in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.   He provides training and research papers on Afghan, Arab, Asian, and African culture, issues, and events.  He lectures on Islam, strategic village programs, KLEs with positive and negative influencers, IO and PSYOP, COIN, counter-IED programs, narcotics trafficking, and other issues. For additional information about this report, or other topics, please contact James Emery at: coincenter2000@gmail.com

The Islamic State and al-Qaeda are fiercely competing for leadership of the global extremist jihadi movement.

Egos and agendas are destroying the prospect for a powerful alliance against ISIS.

Ramazan is expected to occur July 20 thru August 18, 2012.