Defense One

Atlantic Media is a print and online media company owned by David G. Bradley and based in the Watergate in Washington, D.C. The company publishes several prominent news magazines and digital publications including The Atlantic, Quartz, Government Executive, Defense One and those belonging to its National Journal Group subsidiary: National Journal, The Hotline, National Journal Daily (previously known as Congress Daily), and Technology Daily. The National Journal Group also publishes books and directories, the most known of which is the biennial Almanac of American Politics.

“Technological advancement could produce ocean-spanning consumer UAVs. But extremists won’t necessarily bother with them.”

“The group has adapted to battlefield setbacks. But that doesn't mean it factored territorial losses into its master plan.”

Defense One Multi-Media: “The bloody battle to wrest Mosul from ISIS was the world’s largest military operation in nearly 15 years.”

“Long after the city is back in the hands of the Iraqi government, it will continue to be a prop for the Islamic State - although an altogether different one.”

“The news of the cooperation is significant, because the country’s president had previously threatened to kick out U.S. troops.”

“Defense officials can’t tell you how many contractors they employ or at what cost. Finding out is critical to personnel reform.”