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Dave Dilegge is a retired USMCR Intelligence and Counterintelligence / HUMINT officer. He is also a former USMC civilian intelligence analyst and worked several years in the private sector. He served with the 1st Marine Division during Operation Desert Storm. In 1999 he was the recipient of the National Military Intelligence Association’s Colonel Donald G. Cook Award for his work in supporting USMC and DoD urban operations analysis, wargaming and experimentation. He is currently a Director at the Small Wars Foundation and is Editor-in-Chief of Small Wars Journal. He is a member of the Marine Corps Association, Military Writers Guild, Warlord Loop, Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Rifle Association, Order Sons of Italy in America, and Tau Kappa Epsilon. His son David is an Infantry Sergeant currently serving in the Army's 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized).

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