Clark Johnson

Clark Johnson, PhD, worked in Iraq as a contractor on economic development issues during portions of 2003-2009, including as senior economist and team leader on a MNC-Iraq contract in 2008-2009.  He subsequently deployed as a civilian with DoD in Afghanistan, and contributed “The Missing Political Front in Afghanistan” to SMJ in January 2015.  He is the author of Gold, France, and the Great Depression, 1919-1932 (Yale, 1997) and of a number of other papers on economic development and monetary issues.

This paper was prepared in early 2010, when it might still have been possible to advance an agenda for a diversified private sector in Iraq.  We missed our opportunity.

Going back to 1989, and certainly since 2001, the US has failed to construct a coalition of moderates that might be able to enhance legitimacy and increase stability.