Butch Bracknell

Butch Bracknell is a Marine lieutenant colonel on active duty who loves his country.  These opinions are his alone.

What does the developing world make of the current brand of legislative gridlock and social intolerance that prevails in the American political system today?

The challenges that our nation will face over the next four years measure up in quality and quantity against the yardstick of history - so stay strong down the stretch.

The killing of this (unprivileged, unlawful) combatant enjoyed ample legal authority under both international and domestic law, and is, as a matter of law and policy, uncontroversial.

Who knew that domestic politics and foreign affairs were linked?

In a timely offering, Butch Bracknell considers the implications of Quran burning and other slights in Afghanistan, real or perceived, to find that perception is what matters.

How do we get the "Big Picture" right?